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Full text of "The Diary of Samuel Teedon: 17 October 1791 to 2 February 1794"

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^n ''UBi/r* 

ZFNO '' 


Private Library of 
Margaret B. Wilson 




Was the upper room, approached by two flights of steps. 

Of Samuel Teedon, 

17 OCTOBER 1791 TO 2 FEBRUARY 1 794- 


eaitea dp 

Thomas Wright of Olney, 

Author of ''The Life of William Cowper,'' <&-f. 

At the Sign of the Unicom^ vil. Cecil Court, WX) 


' ••Won ;,„.„., 




The Diary of Samuel Teedon, schoolmaster of Olney 
will be welcomed by students of English Literature, 
chiefly on account of its numerous references to the poet 
Cowper. From 27 August 1701 to 2 February 1794 — 
a period of 891 days — no fewer than 277 recorded letters 
passed between Olney and Weston, namely : 

From Cowper to Teedon, 72 letters. 
From Mrs. Unwin to Teedon, 17 letters. 
From Teedon to Cowper, 126 letters. 
From Teedon to Mrs. Unwin, 62 letters. 

It gives me pleasure to say that I have been able to secure 
every letter of the 72 written by the Poet. They 
will be found in my edition of The Correspondence of 
William Cowper (Hodder & Stoughton). 

Samuel Teedon is himself an interesting and a picturesque 
figure. He was neither a dunce nor a hypocrite, as unin- 
formed writers have carelessly branded him. He was edu- 
cated for the church, and could read his Testament in Greek 
and Latin. He had some knowledge of French and took a 
delight in English Literature. We may smile with Cowper 
at his involved and flowery English, but, seeing that he sin- 
ned in company with half the university dons of the day, we 
ought perhaps to regard that as a produdl not so much of 
ignorance as of execrable taste. His spelling is erratic, his 
grammar original, his punctuation, or rather lack of it, per- 
plexing. In ord^r to spare the reader, I have my&^K 


supplied many stops. Bnt let ns not forget that we are perus- 
ing a Diary in which matter is dotted down hastily and ir- 
responsibly. If there are plenty of mistakes there are not 
more than may be found in the letters of Thomas Gray. 

Our information respecting Teedon is gathered from 
three sources(i) Cowper*s Letters, (2) this Diary (3)the Man- 
uscript Life of Teedon, written by William Soul of Olney. 

Samuel Teedon, who was formerly of Bedford, seems to 
have come to Olney about 1775. By and by we find him 
living in a cottage at the junction of Dagnell Street and 
High Street, and earning a pittance by teaching, in the cur- 
ious old building on the Market Place called the Shiel Hall. 

His household included three other persons, namely his 
cousin Elizabeth Killingworth, familiarly " Mammy ; " 
Mammy's son Eusebius, or" Worthy "(the Mr. Killingworth 
of Cowper's Letters), and Polly Taylor. ** Polly," observes 
Mr. Soul, ** called Teedon her cousin ; the common sense 
or natural intelligence of the place called her his daughter." 
Eusebius Killingworth, who assisted Teedon in the school, 
and worked as a book-binder, was, to use Mr. Soul's words, 
" a beautiful penman," and *' a first rate arithmetician and 
algebraist." If says, Mr. Soul, ** the drift of the inhabitants 
of Olney had seconded the ability of the masters they must 
have had a good school." The masters " deserved a popular 
and flourishing establishment. Their work however was not 
appreciated, and in consequence they never rose above 
the condition of poverty." Teedon "prayed extempore 
every morning with his scholars, and on Thursdays delivered 
an exhortation to them." 

In a letter to Newton, dated 25 Feb. 1781, Cowper speaks 
of the tediousness of Teedon's discourse. ** He has just 
left us after a long visit, the greatest part of which he spent 
in the narration of a certain detail of fa(5ls that might have 
been compressed into a much smaller compass " — ** You 
know how scrupulously nice he is in the choice of his ex- 
pression ; an exa(5lness that soon becomes very inconven- 
ient both to speaker and hearer." 

There is also an amusing reference to him in the letter 
of 7 February 1785, in which Teedon is described as having 
felicitated himself on being conne(5led with a man " of 
genius and ability " such as Cowper was. The speech savs 

tekdon's diart. v. 

Cowper " made the sweat gush out on my forehead. So 
much was I delighted with the delicacy of that incense." 
Thus Cowperat first regarded Teedon as somewhat of abore, 
though a worthy and a decidedly amusing one. But both he 
and Mrs. Unwin sympathised with Teedon. They pitied and 
often relieved his poverty; and as for his weaknesses — his 
vanity and obtrusiveness — they good naturedly got what 
anausement they coutd out of them and troubled no further. 

Teedon, a not uncommon produifl of the ETangelical 
movi'ment, had got it into his head that he was especially 
favoured by Providence, and, extraordinary to say, Teedon's 
belief, by and by, came to be shared by Cowper, with the 
result that, by degrees, the refined and gifted poet got to 
regard the vain and eccentric schoolmaster as a kind of 
Delphic oracle, Cowper had seen visions, dreamed 
dreams, and heard voices.* Teedon in like manner re- 
ceived, as he took them to be, revelations from God. But 
there was this difference : Cowper believed himself a man 
whom God abhorred ; Teedon regarded himself as Heaven's 
special favourite. Consequently, whenever in doubt, Cow- 
per had recourse to Teedon. That Teedon was sincere in 
his conviAions we have no reason to doubt. He endeav- 
oured to use his influence for the poet's good, urging him 
to keep continually occupied, encouraging him to he fre- 
quent in prayer, and assuring him that Goil in His own 
time would remove tliL' terrible burden. For example it was 
owing mainly to Tei^don that Cowper undertook the editing 
of Milton, and that he was persuaded to make the journey 
to Earth am. 

Teedon commenced to write his Diary on 0(51. r7th lygi. 
After his death it seems to have got into the possession of 
the Johnson family; then for many years it was lost. It 
was discovered in i H90, by Mr. W. J, Harvey, of Champion 
Hill, s.w, and passed subsequently into the hands of Mr. 
W. H. ColHngridge, who, on Cowper Centenary Day (15 
April 1900) presented it to the Cowper Museum at Olney, 
where it is now preserved. 

• Tliosc who wish to know more about the sahjeift of Clair-andience 
or the hearing of voices, with special reference to the case of Cowper, 
should consult the series of a,ble articles in ■■ The General Praflitioner " 
{br 1900, from the pen of Dr. Barker Smith. 


It is a small volume, 6 inches by 3f inches, containing 
122 pages closely written in a neat and minute hand. As we 
turn over its soiled yellow leaves the little world in which 
Cowper lived and moved becomes rehabilitated. " The 
Squire " and " Mad"'" (Cowper and Mrs. Unwin), are the 
central figures, but, their abode being Weston, they are 
only rarely seen in Olney, though now and then Jthey take 
tea with their new friend, the Rev. James Bean, at the Vic- 
arage. We see Teedon — a spare man — in quasi-clerical 
costume of blue coat and black waistcoat and breeches 
trudging up Overs Hill towards the Lodge, say to receive 
his money ; for the poet thanks to the beneficence of an 
unknown friend, is able to allow him as much as £j/io/- 
per quarter — a sum which, considering the modest total his 
pupils' pence amount to, is a small fortune. We see Tee- 
don another day approaching Weston on a very different 
errand. " The Squire ** has heard voices, whether from 
God or from the devil he is uncertain, and he wishes to 
consult the man favoured by Heaven. Teedon's face is 
serious this time, and it is evident that before setting out 
he had wrestled long in prayer. 

The voices heard by Cowper usually caused distress, but 
not always, as witness the letter to Teedon of i6 0<5l. 1792 : 
" On Sunday, while I walked with Mrs. Unwin and my 
cousin "(Johnson)" in the orchard, it pleased God to enable 
me once more to approach Him in prayer, and I prayed 
silently for everything that lay nearest my heart with a con- 
siderable degree of liberty. Nor did I let slip the occasion 
of praying for you. This experience 1 take to be a fulfil- 
ment of those words : * The ear of the Lord is open to them 
that fear Him, and He will hear their cry.' " 

Upon receiving a communication which seemed to come 
from God Teedon would at once write to Cowper, and the 
poet thus replies to one of these: — 

"Dear Sir, in your last experience, extraordinary as it was, 
I found nothing presumptuous. God is free to manifest 
Himself, both in manner and measure, as he pleases ; and 
to you He is pleased to manifest himself uncommonly in 

Other figures which rise before us as we turn these pages 
^re th^ Rev. John Newton, the Rev. Thomas Scott, Hannah 


Willson — pretty, spoilt, vain and abominably extravagant 
" Miss " Hannah — Cowper's prot6g6e, Dick Coleman 
brought as a lad by Cowper from St. Albans, Sam Roberts, 
(Cowper's faithful man), Thomas Kitchener ("Kitch" the 
gardener), the Rev. John Sutcliffone of the founders of the 
Baptist Missionary Society, Dr. Carey the distinguished 
Missionary, and the Rev. Thomas HilJyard, Minister of the 
Independent Meeting. 

The Diary closes on i February 1 79+. 

Cowper left Weston for Norfolk 14 July 1795. 

Teedon died,aftera night's illness, earlyin June 1798, and 
was buried in Olney churchyard on June 9"'' 

Mammy lived till 1B07 and was buried on Dec. 5th of 
that year. 

Early in the next year (18 April 1808) Eusebius Killing- 
worth and Polly Taylor were married. Both were between 
fifty and sixty. 

Mrs. Killingworth was buried at Olney 1 9 Nov. 1817, Mr. 
Killingworth, who died at the age of 77, on 24 Feb. 1 82B. 
It is pleasing to add that to their descendants Fortune 
proved kind. 

William Soul, Teedon's biographer, was a designer of lace 
patterns and hved at Olney, where he died on Friday March 
3rd, 1865. He was an intelligent, thoughtful man, a close 
observer of nature, " something of an artist and something 
of a poet." 


Cowper School, 
Olney, Bucks. 

, /«,. 19, 



Samubl Teedon. Elizabeth Killingworth. 

Schoolmaster of Olney, Writer The Mammy of this Diary. 

ofthisDiaiy. Buried at Buried at Ohiey, 

Okiey, 9 June 1798. 5 Dec. 1807. 

I I 

Polly Tatlok, mar. i8 April 1808, Eusebius KiLLiNawoRTH. 
The Polfy of this Diary. The Worthy of this Diary. 

I L . 


Eliza. = John. = Sa&ah. 

Dau. of Thomas Aspray, Dau. of James Andrews, 

the apothecary who lived Co wper's Michael Angelo, 
next door to Cowper*s the Mr. Andrews of 

House at Olney. this Diary. 




I I Mary=Thomas Sulmak. 

Thomas. William. | 

Baptist Minister. A watchmaker Thomas Sulman. 

of Olney. Died 190 1. 

Ceedon's Dlarp. 

O I Christifave meis inceptis, 
Oct. 17. M. — W. Bedford came to school. I sent my letter 
to Mad"^ Polly Smith drank tea. Mr. Perry, of 
Wollerston, offered me W™ Perry as a boarder, 
but I, after mature consideration, refused him. 

,, 1 8. Lady Hcsketh came to Weston. 

, 19. Mr. Bean'^ came about 10 of the clock to school to 
offer in Mr. Thornton's^ name the Schoolmaster- 
ship to the Colony of Sierra Leon[e]. I told him I 
would consider of it. This I informed my cousins 
of, & because I did not immediately rejedt it, a 
most terrible scene followed. He came again to 
school & read the letters Mr. Thornton & Mr. 
Newton* writ to induce him to accept the chaplain- 
ship. This was at 4 of the clock. I gave him a 
positive denial on the score of the climate, yet 
this did not allay the ferment occasioned. I went 
to Mr. Sutcliff's meet«.^ 

M ao. T. — Mammy® most sadly all this day & all dis- 
turbed. I writ to Mr. Bat by Rogers to pay him 
the i guinea. 


a I. F. — The Statute to-day. I kept school till 3. The 
girls came to school in the eve. 

1 Mrs. Unwin. 

2 Rev. James Bean, vicar of Olney. 

3 The Russia merchant, friend of Cowper and Newton. 
* Rev. John Newton. 

^ Rev. John Sutcliff, Baptist Minister. 

8 Elizabeth Killingworth, Teedon's *' cousin." 



Oct. 22* S. — I re*^ my money of Mrs. Cobb 1 3* & reckoned 
with Mrs. Morgan. M. Smith^ called me to tell me 
my SchooP would be pulled down, &c. I replied 
I was glad of it if they would build me another, 



23. S. — I went to sec Lady Hesket[h] who kindly pre- 
sented me with a g[uinea]. I called & drank a glass 
wine with Mr. Bartle Higgins^ & we came to of 
church together. I informed Mr. Hardwick of 
the pull« down of Shill Hall, &c. Mrs. Morgan 
stopped me to take George to meet^, but he ob- 
stmately refused. I resolved not to intermeddle. 
The boy got the vidlory. I informed the mother 
& told her it was her own fault, &c. 

24. M. — Rec** my Quarterage, &c., of Mr. J. Perry. 
Heard from the Sandy gard[e]ner [that] Mr. Ber- 
ridge* was incapable of preaching, being infirm in 
memory & deaf, &c. Polly Perry came to school 
in the ev[e]ning. I writ to Mad"" my notice of 

25. Mr. Abrahams' Edward came to school. Payed the 
I'' for my head to the court. Polly^ & Mammy 
went down to Bet Stow*s. I had a doz. of copy 
books of Mr. Abrahams & a quire of paper. I 
sent in my bill to Mr. Swannel. 

26. Mrs. Swannel called & payed 12/6. I payed my 
rent. Writ to Mad"" & put in that the boy was not 
payed for the carriage. 

27. Sam^ Roberts^ came & delivered a message from 

^ Maurice Smith. 

2 The Shiel Hall on Olney Market Place. 

3 Mr. Bartholomew Higgins, of WestoD, the friend of Scott the Com- 


* Rev. John Berridge, the distinguished Evangelical vicar of Everton, 

Beds. He died 22 Jan. 1793. 

* Mary Taylor, who lived at Teedon's. His " cousin." 
^ Cowper's man-servant. 






Oct. Mad" desiring, in future, no letters should be sent 
but by Mary,' &c. Mammy much disturbed at it, 
I writ a ietttr desiring a line in ans' which she 
sent by Kitch.' 

,, 38. I writ to Mad". Mary called for it. 

,, 39. Polly & Worthy^ went to see Mr. York. Mrs. 
Cobb, the exciseman's wife, called to take leave 
of us, which she did most tenderly & christian- 
ly. Mrs. Grindon' invited me & mine, very cor- 
dially, to visit us [her]. 

,, 30. I & Polly went in the mora to Weston church, 
there being no service here. We did not call up- 
on Mad*". Sam' came in the afternoon to know 
if I had anything. But I had not writ. We had 
church in the eve. Mr. Bean told us, from the 
pulpit, he did not hold himself bound to preach 
in the eve because he did not preach in the morn. 
But to give opportunity to some poor creatures to 
come out in the dark to hear him, who were a- 
shamedto come because of want of cloth[esJ in the 
day time, whom he addressed, &c. 

„ 31. M. — Rob' York & Tho' came to school. I 
writ to Mad". Polly, & Worthy, & Mammy, went 
to get privet berries & slon.' 

Nov. i. T.— I re" a note from Mad". Went to look of [at] 
a nest of drawers at Rob' Andrews, Asked 5/- I bid 
+/- & Polly & Worthy went down to see Uet Stow's 
drawers because he was so slow. 

' Mary Andrew, Mrs. Uiiwin's servaQl. 

' Thomas Kitchener, Cowpet's gardener. 

^ Eusebius KiUingwotlh, who Lved with Teedoo. Son of " Mammy." 
Often refored to in Cowper's letteii. Among his several occupa- 
tions was that of bookbinding. 

* Niece of Lkdy Austen, acd wife of Mr. George Giindon, the snrgeon. 
Her maiden name was Anne Green. 

' Sloes, still called eIohs in Bucks. 



Nov. 2. Minzy met Worthy & told him they had sent a 
bundle to bind to Northampton. 

,, 3. I had a dream of catching a fine dace. Had the 
girls* feast. I called upon Rogers who was in 
London last week. Jacky Higgins called when the 
girls were here and eat of the cake. S. Bright- 
mans, Hugh[e]s, NichoUs, Perry, Peers, Tompkins, 
Peggy Morgan. I went to church. 

,, 5. I went to York's for the sample[r], R. Andrews 
brought the drawers, price 4*. J. Higgins came 
in. Mammy would have said something unto 
him about the Hall, which I stopped, this produced 
bad consequences, she took it so ill. W. 
Smith's windows, & Coles', broke, because they 
set out no light. ^ The Mob triumphed over both, 
tho' Coles was constable. 

,, 6. Mad" sent the fourth time & I did not write. 
Mammy being so alarmingly ill. I fetched wine 
from Drake's, a pint of red, which not being right, 
I went to Morgan's for a bottle of Mountain. I 
writ to Mad" & promised to write again. I 
alone at church & sacrament at Mr. Sutcliffs. 

,, 7. M. — J. Brook came to-day. Wm. Abrahams, G. 
Raban. Mammy very ill. 

,, 8. Maria Nicholls payed me her Quarterage. 

,, 9. Mr. Timings came & payed Jemmy's Quarter & 
said he must come by the week. I writ to 
Mad". Sally Dumvill came & stayed two 
hours in the eve. 

,, 10. I re* a note from Mad" of Mr. Cowper's* 

1 In Olney, folk who set out no light on " Ghiy Fawkes' day'' used to be 

insidted by the mob. 
> The Poet, who then resided at Weston. 



Nov. having three good nights & fourgood days. I writ 
an ans'. 

„ 12. I went & gathered the buckthorn berries. Mr. 
Bean called, pretended he wanted to know the 
best Arithmetic. Worthy told him we used nine or 
ten, &c., he said he'd call again. 

„ 13. I writ to Mats'". At church twice. Polly &1& 
Worthy in the after-noon. 

,, 14. R. Peters came to school. I went to Andrews.' the 
painter's, about some paint, & staying two 
hours occasioned some uneasiness. Went to bed 
as u.sual but called up in the night before I got to 
sleep by Polly being taken in fits which continued 
very violent all the night. 

„ 15. I reC* a letter from Mad'" in answer to one 
of mine hinting I should be glad to drink a 
cup of tea, &c., by reciting a question put to me 
about Mr. C, but she put it off till December 1". 

,, 16. H. Brittol died siiddenly Just getting from work. 
Took ill & never spoke more. I went to Mr. 
SutclifTs meeting. I went to M" Andrews for 
verjuice for Polly's strained wrist. 

„ 17. Mad"' sent every day for an answer, but I would not 
send one yei. 

,, 19. I writ' to-day. 

,, 20. Ire' a noie from Mad'". 

,, 31. I writ yesterday's experience, a very happy one 

and sculptor, Cowper's drs 
11 the old stones in the chin 


6 txxdon's diary. 


Nov. aa. RecM a note^ very sorrowful, a woeful night. 
,, 23. Rec'd a note to-day of a good night, &c. 







24. I writ to Mad". Sam^ Sharman called to see me, 
who had been near six years in Jamaica. I called 
upon H. Smith's Grand' who found fault, but I 
convinced her she was mistaken, &c., & drank 
a glass of wine. Polly turned away the two 
Andrews yesterday on their mother's finding fault. 

26. Worthy carried the sample[r]to Mr. York's. The 
frame cost iS**, the glass 2/8. J. Higgins called 
on us. I writ to Mr. Newton about the subscrip- 
tion to pull down the school. Mr. Bean came to 
my house & writ a diredlion, S. Thornton, Esq' 
M.B., London. Worthy car* up the sampler to 

27. All of us at church. In the afternoon at Mr. 
Sutcliffs. H. Wadsworth's funeral. 

28* I payed Andrews lo** for ij [lbs.] of paint. I 
returned Mr. Bean's daughter's book & told him 
I thought it was either Vyse's or Hill's. T. Church 
of Warrington came for a certificate. 

29. I writ the certificate and charged i*. Britain, I 
found by Church, charged 1 8** Rec'd a note from 

30. I kept school till 3 of the clock. Had 13. Writ. 

Dec. I. I went & rec'd 6 guineas of Mad" who kindly 
informed me Mr. C. & she would settle £^0 
upon me yearly during their life & my life. For 
this I will bless & praise. Mr. York drank tea 
with us. 

^ From Mrs. Unwin or th^ Poe^t 



D«c. 2. Mammy & Polh- went & paid Cuthbertson for 
soap & paper. 

,1 3. My cousins paid Mr. Grindoii's Bill. I wentdown 
to Billy Raban Lo tellbim we had not room in our 
pew fur Wm. Perry, &c. I called \ipon Harris & 
borrowed Feuniiig. I \\'rit to Mad™, & two 
letters to London, to Fearn & Jackson & to 
Avory for leather, to the other for leaf gold,' 

vice. In the 

5. I sent my letter to Mad*" & my bill 
man. And I went notwithstanding 
the necessity of reprehension, &c. 

, 7. I writ to Mad"' ; rec'd the Odyssiy. 1 had asked 
for tbe Li'ies of the Poets. 1 went and carried a 
mill-board to Mr. Bean & charged 4^'', it was the 

, 8. I car^ home Finning to Harris's, who told me five 
writs were come by the 5 of Nov' uproar. Clay- 
son was there who came up the town with mi^ & 
invited me to call on him when I came [to] Lav- 

, 9. Mrs. Swannel & her maid drank tea. While here 
my cousin' went out in a great storm of hail ; when 
she went to bed, was seized with a shiver" & so 
continued. I,&Worthy, was up all night in doing 
what we could to relieve her, 

, 10. My Cousin abed all day till eve when an alarm of 
Fire raised her up out of bed & she got up & 
continued so till bedtime tho' very ill. 1 had 3 pints 
of pott. 

' For Worthy's baokbiDdinjj. 




Dec. II. I went to church ; it was kept in the chancel. 
Jacky Higgins called. My Cousin better upon 
the whole, but did not arise till 4 of the clock. 
Mrs. Rose came to see us. I writ my letter to 

M la. My Cousin better to-day but could not get up be- 
fore 4 of the clock. The leaf gold came down 
from London, & the prices of leaf silver by Rogers. 

M 13. My poor Cousin very ill indeed. I greatly alarm- 
ed by the swelling of her leg. I rec*^ a note from 
Mad"* of an ill night. 

,, 14. My fears more increased to-day than ever. 

,, 15. I re* the leather, & pay 6/4 for gold and 
;^i.3.o for the leather. My Cousin took some 
senna & is, I hope, something better. The 
Lord continue it. 

9 9 16. My Cousin, I hope, something better. 

,, 17. Mr. Higgins told us, in the eve, Mrs. Unwin was 
taken ill in the morn with a dizziness. I went 
& got Kitchener to go over. She sent me 
word down she could not see me now. Mr. Cow- 
pcr came to me & told me how she was taken, &c. 
I related my state of mind. " At even-time it 
shall be light." 

99 1 8. I went over this morn. As soon as I went I was 
had up to see her, & prayed. Called upon Mr. 
Higgins & returned with a thankful heart to 
find Mad"" better, & my Cousin too. Mrs. 
Peer died at 9 of the clock. 

9, ao. Worthy & I up all nigfht with Polly, taken very 
dreadfully with her fits & nothing did good, 
but wine at last stopped it, as we hoped, but we 
i^ere sadl^ disappointed^ 

tbkdok's diary. 9 

1 791 
Dec. 31 

r. This day my poor Polly had a return of her fits 
all day ; did not get up till I was coming from 
Charles Morgan's burial. Mr. Cowper answered 
in the kindest manner the letter I writ yesterday 
& sent to-day, & had the happiness to find 
Mad" much better & come down. 

„ 32. Mr. Gardner came for ru(i ink to scliool. Mrs. 
Smith of Yardlej- set us eight fine apples. 1 writ to 
Mad" to-day. Mr. Hale' senL likewise a basket 
of apples. 

.. 23. 

, I writ to the Esq'.' 

„ 24 

, I went & had the pleasure of praying for Mad"' 
&fiiid^ her much better. Called upon Mr. Higgins, 
who walked to OIney with me. 

,. 25- 

, I went all this dayto Mr. Sutcliff's meete&, being 
Christmas Day, there was a colle(5lion in the after- 
noon. I gave 3''. I writ to the Esq'. 

„ 27. 

I rC* a note from the Esq' in ans' to ray letter, 
& Mad" is belter. I met Sam' as I was going to 
Weston, & came back, dent Mrs. Millar's prayer- 
book by him, bound in blue & gilt, charged 18''. 

,. 38. 

, I went over to see I^Iad", prayed by her, &c. 
Jacky Higgins called. I went & heard Mr. Sut- 

.. 29- 

J. Perkins called. Bought Mammy a y' of flannel 
16'', to wrap up her leg. She continues, I hope, 
mending. The Lord be praised. Ashburner sent 
his book to be bound. I bought ii yds. of sheets 
of Mr, Andrews iq' per yd., ri'due. He gave 
Worthy two aprons. 

Of Emberton. 
The Poet Cowpei. 


10 teidon's diary. 


Dec. 30. I went over to see Mad"* & prayed, &c. She 
gave me 3* to bestow on K. Green. Mr. SutclifF 
smoked a pipe with us. 


31. I got some of the blue d)'Le]ing tindlure of Mrs. 
Dumvile, & she gave me a plate of roast beef. I 
went & car** home GurnaFs Christian Armoury to 
Mr. Andrews. 


Ckrisli/ave mei's incepth. 
Jan. I. I went 10 see Mad" & prayed with her. Mr. C. 
sent word, in an' to her [mv] desire of sec'' him, he 
was going out directly. In conversation she said 
these notices raised expectations which were not 
ans''. I took my leave, and went down, & got 
out, but stopped & returned back. At the door 
Sam' asked me to go info the study. There, to 
my astonish ment, I found Mr. C. who desired 
me to sit down. I told him the rause of my 
stay. He was civil but I had no power to speak a 
word of comfort, and came away very heavy in 
mind reSedling on it. 

,, 2. Mr. Cuthbertson se 
came to school. 
"Flee youthful lusts." Five of the girls came in the 
night-school. I was very heavy all the day refleA- 
ing on the events at Weston 3'esterday. 

,, 3. Lucy & Polly & Nanny York drank tea with us. 
Mr. Chater borrowed E. Binlly. Mr. HiUyard' 
preached from Jeremiah 3. "Wilt not thou call 
me my Father," &c. 

„ 4. Mr. SutchfFfrom Tim., "Consider what I say & 
the Lord give thee understanding." The girls came 
before 5. I kept school in like manner last 

„ 5. I heard Mad'" came dow 
nothing from them. I 

„ 6. I sent my order to London, to Green. 
' Minister of the Independeat Meeting. 

12 tebdon's diart. 


Jan. 7. 1 wrote to Mad", this being the only week since 
our correspondence in which I have not writ. Mr. 
York came to invite us to see him to-day. 

,, 8. I & Polly rec** the Holy Sacrament. Mrs. Rose & 
Babby came, drank tea. I went to Mr. Sutcliflf's 
meet*' I writ to Mad". 

,,9. I rec** from the Esq. a letter, a very short one, in- 
form^ me Mad" was very much on the mcnd^ 
hand. I heard by Fisher Mrs. Peer was ill with a 
sore throat. 

,, II* Mr. York presented us with a fine plate of chine. 

,, 12. No church to-night, Mr. Bean hav^ a cold. I 
writ to Esq'. 

,, 14. Mr. York came to invite us up to see them. We 
went, and Miss Mason & Abrahams' daughter. 




15. There being no service at church, Mr. Bean 
preaching at Weston this mom, I went to Mr. 
Sutchffs all the day. They gather*^ for' sweeping 
the meeting. I gave 2^. The severe frost broke 
this day with a most agreeable thaw. The Lord 
be praised ! 

17. I went down to Mr. Hillyard's meet^. I re'^a Note 
in very kind manner [from Cowper] inform? me 
Mrs., Unwin mended every day something, and 
yesterday walked in the orchard walk for the 
first time. I went to Hull's & was desired to come 

19. Mr. Peer called to pay me & I was not at home. 
I set myself to write to Mad" & sent it by her. 
Sally brought the money and Hull called to pay 
the money promised, {_£'] 2/15/8. Rec*^ the par- 
cel from London, from Mr. Green, & the tools 
[for Worthy's bookbinding.] 

tKbdon's diart. 13 

Jan. 21 

. Mr. Bean came & brought me a g[uinea] just 
after I had car^ Watts's Fsa/rtn & Hymns bound 
& gilt, for which 1 charged Mr. Limbry 14''. 

„ 32. 

I went to church twice, and in the eve to Mr. 
SutcIifTs meet". Writ to Mad". 

„ 33- 

I sent my letter [to Mrs. Unwin], 

„ M- 

, At Mrs- Andrews' who told me she heard Sock- 
et's goods would be sold by appraisement and one 
of the Hales were to purchase. 

„ 25- 

, At Mr. SutdifPs meet^. 

, 26. 

1 writ to-daj- to Mad'". No church. Mr. Bean, 
going to London for a Ibnnight. I went down to 

„ 37- 

I re'' a letter from Mr. CI owperl informing me 
Jfrs U[nwin] still mended in her health & that 
he was thankful to God he had enjoyed good nights 
from the 13 ins, which he thought expedited 
Mad"" recovery. Had a pint of Lisbon, 

„ 28 1 ]\a.d the Treafise at iifLuieoi Mr. AspenaT.drarik 
with him & had a pair of sleeves for Worthy & 
two remnants of flannel for a waist*coat. 

„ 29- 

I & Polly & Worthy at church. I writ my letter 
to Mad". Went down to Mr. Hillyard's meet^ 
Mr. R. with us. 

■ ■ 30- 

I praise the name of the Lord for this day. Mr. 
Swannell called & payed the Qr. 15s, & I desire 
to thank the Lord for unspeakable gift which I 
joyfully commemorate on this day. 

Feb. 4- 

I went over, saw Mad'", prayed, called upon Miss 
Higgins & came home. 


i4 tKedon's diary. 

Feb. 5. I went to Weston with Peggy Moran [Morgan] to 

hear Mr. Armstrong of London, & car^ my letter 

but stayed only to deliver it. 

9. I writ to-day to Mad' 

^ ^ ■ m^k« ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ^ ■ ■ .^ m« ■ ■ ■ ■ ar ■ ,^m m 




10. I re* this day a most mournful letter from the 
Esq', declaring his firm belief. God was his 
enemy & not Satan. I was overwhelmed with 
grief & sorrow. 

11. I went over to Weston, re*^ lo'of Mr. Minzy. Car** 
a letter, met the Esq', who told me he had a bet- 
ter night, came in before I left Mad™, prayed while 
he was present, beckoned Mad"" out, told her to 
promote my peace to take of[f] the interdict of 
her serv**, &c., as a christian, but I thought with- 
out any eflfedl. 

12. I being at Mr. Bean's, who was very ill w^ a pain 
in his head, Mr. Stokes came in to go to Weston, 
but there being nobody to accompany him home, 
Mr. Bean sleeping at Weston, I went w^ him to 
bare him company. 

13. To my great joy, & no less surprize, H[annah] 
Willson^ called in to see us. I looked [on it] with 
pleasure, think^ it a proof of attention to what I 

,, 17. I went down to Harris's. 

„ 18. I went to Mad"", prayed, called upon MissHiggins 
& brought home a basket of pears & Jacky came 
with me, brought t[he] Mag[azine]. 

„ 19. Had church in the morn, but only Prayers, & a 
Sermon in the afternoon, Mr. Bean being ill. 

Cowper's protegee. 


Tebdon's diary. 


Feb. 20. J. Goddard came to school again. 

1 thu afternoon & Fully 

Mar. I. I went over in the timeof 5 of the clock to Mad", 
reC' a b[ank']-n[ote]. Called on Mr. Higgins, 
brought home a basket nf pears. 

,, 3. Mr. Andrews & his party went to the Sessions 
about the 5 of Nov. [uproar], & m the eve was 
ring-ing and a bonfire & Maurice [Smith] & Coles 
burnt in effigy. 

„ 4. Polly & Mammy & Ire'' the Holy Sacr^meni:. 

,, 6. I went over to take leave of my Lady,' but I found 
by Mad" it was a needless thing. 1 told her she 
desired it herself & thought it necessary. I was 
much deje<iled when 1 came home by my 

„ 8. I writ to-day. Chater used me very ill, &his wife, 
for beating Charles, I went to church. The 
petition against the Slave Trade was brought 
by Bean, Sutcliff & Hillyard to be signed. 

,, 9. Sam' & Han'' [Willsoo] called to-day. Worthy very 
ill all day & did not come to school. 

„ to. I went to Mad", pra)'ed with Mrs. Peers, who 
appears not long for this world. Mr. Cowper 
came in. I met Mr. Bean cora^ home. Mrs. 
Roybythorn died at 1 1 of the clock at night, taken 
ill while at dinner & never spoke more. Polly & 
Worthy went to Air. York's. Mr. J. H' ' 
led. J went to Mr. S. Chater's & related'his bi 

cal- ■ 


1 6 tbbdon's diary. 


Mar. II. All of us at church in the afternoon. I went in 
the morn to Mr. Sutcliif s. In the morn & eve 
young Talbot read prayers. 

,, 12. Mr. Timings called to tell us he would send 
James to-morrow. Polly Smith called & Han^ 

9f 13* James Timings came to School. Maurice Smith 
& Andrews went by special warrant before the 
Justice w^ Hillyard &c. I went to Mrs. Andrews 
& came into a roomful assembled. She apolo- 
gised for not rec^ me then. 

N.B. — I found afterwards to my great surprize 
this meet^ was by desire on ace* of the lawsuit & 
not a church one. 

,, 14. I writ to Mad". 

99 15. Mr. Bean preached. Mr. Roybythorn's funeral. 
I called upon C hater to reckon but he was not at 

16. I went to W"" Smith, malster, stayed an hour. 

17. I went to Mad", she desired me to pray for Mrs. 
Peers, which I did, & admitted only in the ser- 
vants' hall & saw not Mr. Cowper. Mr. Rose^ 
was with him. She told me [that] this day she 
had hired Nanny Roberts instead of Mrs. Peers. 

„ 18. Mr. Talbott preached twice to-day. We all 
heard him in the afternoon, & in the eve my 
cousins would go to Weston to carry the Letter 
& see Mrs. Peers, which proved very agreeable to 
them & me, & proved the means of information 
to Sam* [as to] who was to preach, after they had 
been a full hour at Sam's house. 

1 Samuel Rose, Cowper*s friend. 

3 Sam Roberts, Cowper's man-servant. 





Mar. 19. Wonderful as it seems, my Polly & her Mam^ 
went again to Weston. Bought a yd., i3J['*] of 
linen, &c., at Blower's. Called on Mrs. Fowler. 

9f ao« Onions sowed to-day. My eyes very much in- 
flamed owing to the issue not run^. I put yellow 
basilicon [Rosin Cerate] to it ; it had been dry 
three or four days. Heard of the monster wound' 
several females at Northampton. 



ai« My eyes, by the arm discharging, much better. 
Praised be the Lord ! I went to Raban's [and] 
Harris's, & walked in the fields. 

My eyes that gave me so much apprehensions 
were so much better this day that I can but note 
the goodness of the Lord in it. Praised be His 
Holy Name ! I met Mrs. Bean going to Weston, 
who desired me to tell her maid to go to the 
Clerk to let the people know there would be no 

9 9 33. I went down & carried home Gibbons' tracts to 
Mr. Sutcliff, found Mr. Andrews, Mrs. Marriot & 
her son ; discoursed about the business of the 
lawsuit of M. Smith, found they wished to be rid 
of all trouble about it. Writ to Mad"*. My eyes 
much better. Sowed radishes &c. & finished the 
garden work. 


34. I & Worthy at York's ; got tyme & sage & nettles 
&c., but did not drink tea or eat. Drank a sup of 
his beer & he came to Olney with us. Mr. 
Higgins called & told my cousins he was going 
out but he would take care I should have as many 
pears as I could carry. 

,, 2$, I writ to Mad"* & sent it by 4 of the clock by Mary. 
Mrs. Rose & Stow called upon us. I went & 
heard a Mr. Manning of Yardley at Mr. SutcliflTs, 
** It shall be well with the righteous, & it shall go 

ti tBliDOK^S DIARY. 


March, [be] ill with the wicked," Isa. 3, v. lo. 



a6. Betty Britain brought a book to be covered. 
J. Brook being very ill, & given over by the D' of 
Newport, sent for me to see him by his bro^ Maler. 
I went & drank tea, &c. Miss C. Foster came in 
to see him. Hephzibah Wagstaff came to school 
in the eve. 

37. Went to Weston for a basket of pears. Mr. 
Buchanan^ came in, with whom I stayed too long 
& much disturbed Mammy, for which I am sorry. 

9, 28. At Mr. SutclifTs, heard Mr. Mail from '* Return 
unto thy rest, O my soul ; [for] the Lord has 
[hath] dealt bountifully with thee," — 116 Fs. [7] 
These three former days Worthy so ill he could 
not get down to school, from the lumbago, but 
went down this afternoon. 

„ 39. I did not go to church. Worthy continued very 
ill. Bought two Dutch cheeses of Richardson, 
5* per lb. 

ft 30. I writ to-day to Mad". Re*' the Quarterages of 
Mrs. Hughs & Tomkins & payed 3/7 for the 

„ 31. I went to Weston, met Mad"^ & Esq'. She desired 
me to call on Mrs. Peers & pray by her, which I 
did, & called upon Mr. F. Higgins & Bartle 
[Higgins], brought cuttings of bays. Went to 
reckoning with Chater, 8/1 due. At Dropshort* 
brought up a bottle of ale. 

April I. I writ to Mad" & sent it by Maiy at 6 of the clock. 
At Mr. Sutclififs meet^. 

1 Rer. John Buchanan, Curate of Weston. 
'iAa ^ <>i^ ^he Lavendon Road« 

tkidon's diary. 15 


April a. I went to the prayer meet' at Mr. SutclifPs. In the 
season of going to bed, about i after 10, we were 
alarmed with a sione flung with grtat violence 
against the street-door. Found it, as we suspect- 
ed, by Handscomb. J. Richardson owned it was 
he that just passed by & himself. I afterwards 
heard Isaac toll him on the other side of the 
Market-place what he and we said, &c. 

,, 3. Mr. Chater came & paid me the balance 6/ii. I 
went to Ml. Andrews, draper, to ask his advice re- 
garding Handscomb's insults, who said, if he 
might advise he would take no notice at present & 
unless repeated, let it pass, &c. 

„ 4. At Mr. SutcliiTs meet^ 

,, 5. I writ to Mad"'. I went & rec'' my Q' of Mr. 
Handscomb, who behaved very becoming, & said 
he was vltj sorry he should misbehave himself & 
] [he] promised he would never do the like 
[again] & that Mrs. Gray he had desired to clear 
him from the stone throw". 

,, 6. Polly was told by Mrs. Gray, Handscomb had been 
with hi;r to clear him & she found the stone was 
cast by G. Mead. Polly & Mammy at Prayers in 
the morn & car'' to church the Clerk's fee. I went 
in the eve. Worthy took very ill at school, & when 
I was at church more violently, so that I was sent 
for but met the boy com" from church. 

,, 7. Had a verj- poor night but I hope he his better. 

,, 8. I, only, rec^ the Holy Sacrament, Polly being afraid 
to go, because the church was washed on Friday 
& Saturday. I writ to Mad'" & sent it by Mary 
[" Mary " afterwards struck out in original] about 
5. At Mr. SutclifFs meet'. Mrs. Roberts came 
with an invitation for me to dine w^ Mad" to-mor- 

io tbbdom's diart. 


April, row. She drank tea with us, Sam's mother not 
his wife. 

,, 9. Mr. Cowper very ill indeed, bat he made shift to 
drink tea w^ us. I went and dined. Mrs. & Mr. 
Bean & child'' came in to settle acc^ of pay* money 
in London, bat then went away. I came home & 
fonnd my people all disturbed by Lucy and Ann 
York's bring* in two fellows who said they were 
cousins to York. Bab Rose knew the contrary 
but said nothing. 

,9 IO. I went over to know of York & wife if it were true, 
but found they knew nothing of it. I went a 
second time on the same story & lost my brown 
handkerchief & overcook Bab [Rose] Sc her 
mother going thither. Drank tea. I & Mammy 
& Polly with neigh' Bannister. At church, the 
ledbire being to-night. 

9 9 II. I went over to Weston, prayed, found Mr. Cowper 
no better. D'. Biggs said his illness was salutaiy. 




12. I bought Mamm3r's silk cloak, 10/6, of Mr. 
Andrews, draper. Mr. York came in, seemed to 
make venr light of the late affair, drank with us. 
Mrs Andrews of Newport called on us. My 
cousins all went to York's after tea & found 
they seemed to be afraid of Lucy. So I will leave 
them to themselves. Sam^ ^ and Han^' called. 

13. Heard the Clerk was designed to be Town-clerk. 
Called on Mr. Sutcliff & told him. Polly Ban- 
nister & her children drank tea. Called on Mr. 
Chater & car^ some July-flower seed. 

14. I went to Weston & prayed, found yesterday Mr. 
C. rec* a letter trom Mr. Hayley & he was to come 

^ Sam Roberts. 
* Hannah Willson. 



April. & see them in May. Came home, & cat* the seed 
of July-flower tn Mrs. Bean, found Mr. Jones of 
Creaton tliert;. Heard Mr. Bean was taken ill of 
a fever at Creaton. Staj'ed about an hour, first 
sowed the seeds, & then came home. 

„ 15. I «rit my letter after Service in the afternoon, in 
[at] which we were all present, & then car^ my 
letter & stayed till Mr. Cuwper got up to tea, but I 
did not drink any tbo' asked. I brought horae a 
box of lace for Mrs. Pears & car^ it to Mrs. Bar- 
nard's & informed her three times ovtr who it 
came from & that it was of value. 

„ 16. Peter Travil, Han'' Brooks came to school, & 
Maria Palmer came to speak about Caroline who 
came in the evening-school. Much mortilied in 
hear* Hull's boys were to go to Ravenstone after I 
had done so well by them. 

,, 17. I went to enquire after Mr. Bean. Found Mrs. B. 

She had heard he was better. I writ to Mad". 

„ 19. I writ to Mad" & requested the other vol. of the 

Zives of the Paris yesterday. 

„ 30. Writ to Mad"'. 

,, 31. Rec'' the volume by Griggs. Mr. Higgins called. 
I went down to Harris's, who gave me eight apples. 
I went to see if Mr. Bean was come home & while 
lhi:rc Mr. Jones & Miss came home & brought a 
letter from Mr. Bean, who was, he said, much bet- 
ter, & would preach z [twice] at Creaton. 

,, 33. Mrs. Pallet died this morn. I writ to Mad"", 

„ 33. Mary Abraham came in the night-school. Polly 
& Ann York came. 

,, 34. I went to Hull's, the boy tell' my boys id the 


11 tsbdon's diary. 


April, street to end the business. Hull told me he 
should [send] them out of Town, &c. I went & 
told W"* Smith, who said it was hard, &c. Mrs. 
Pallet buried not till 10 of the clock, expedl*^ Mr. 
Bean, who did not come. So no Minister, but 
Mr. T. Raban, senr., who said a word or two at 
the grave. 

y, 35. L. Lord came again. I writ to-day to Mad"". Mr. 
Bean came home. I went to see him, found him 
not yet well. 

„ a6. I went to Mr. Higgins & brought home plenty of 
box, which we set in the garden, & reserved the 
rest for York. 

99 37. I called on Mr. Bean, who I found with Mr. 
[Mrs.] B. were gone to Weston. 

»» a8« Called on Mr. Bean, whom I found in the garden 
& brought home a cutting, which Worthy set, of 
Italian broom. I went over, car^ the 3 vol. of the 
Life \Liv€s\ of the foets^ & drank tea with Mr. 
Bean, Mr. Cowper and Mrs. Unwin. 

99 39. I writ to Mad"*, a sweet day's experience. G. 
Randall came, found his mas\ Hardwick was dead 
& left the worst of chara<5lers behind him. I gave 
him my great-coat & buckles, & Worthy [gave him] 
a waist-coat, & prayer book for Steven, in which 
I wrote his name & Luther's distich. 

99 30. Mrs. Swannell came, drank tea, with her maid, & 
paid the bill 12/6 due the 24[th]. 

May I. Mrs. Banjamb, Han***' aunt, and her little 
sister, came to see her, Mrs. Pakes called. I 
went with ray bill to Hull's, as the boys went 
yesterday to Ravenstone. He said he could not 
pay me for want of money, but wpi;id in a few 

tkedon's DIAKV. IJ 


Maya. I writ to Mad" much exercised by the two Hulls 
going. Willson called me in and desired his boy 
should be set more & liept striker in tasks, &c. 

,, 3. Car^ the watch to Mr. Abrahams'. The spring he 
found was broke & showed it me & lent me 
another in its room. Mammy & Polly went to 
Weston to see Mrs. Peers & found, as she expefled 
Jane Morgan & E. & D. Jjrightman, after we had 
tea, & car^ a letter, but saw not Mad". I went & 
car^ a cloak & met them just com'^ up the lane by 
Morley's house. 

,, 5. I went to Weston & drank lea but never heard 
more horrible declarations from Mr. C[owper] at 
no time. I prayed with Mrs. Peers unasked, & 
then came away with a very heavy heart, 1 brought 
the 4 vol. of the Li'vrs of the Potts. And went to 
Mr. Bean's for the Mag[azine]. 

„ 6. I writ to Mad", & all of us at church, & Polly, 
Mammy, & I rec' the Holy Sacrament. 

„ 7. I went to Hull's & fc^ 14/6 due [dedudtiug] e'/b" 
which he would not pay till he had asked Mr. Beau 
to whom I referred. 

„ 8. I rc^ i6'/i'' of Mr. Hardwick for E. & M. Perry. 
Payed my rent this eve, & for a slate. 

,, 9. C. Chater came for his own & bro'" books, I went 
to Mr. SutciifTs meet". Sally Dumvile came to 
tell us A. Posthlethwait was there. My Couz 
[cousin] said if he did not come & see me he un- 
christianed himself. I went to Smith's (W".) [the 

„ 10. I went to church to the leflure. 

' Gillyflower or Wallflower. 

14 txxdon's diary. 


May I3« Worthy very ill to-day with the headache, so that 
he could not go out. I went to Weston with my 
letter, overtook Mrs. Beali going to Miss H[igginsJ. 
I went to the Esq', drank tea, mentioned the efforts 
Mr. Bean made in the Colle<5lion for the abolish 
the slave trade. Mr. Cowper sent a Guinea by me 
for it. 

ff 14. I went & reasoned with R. Andrews & M. Smith 
on taking due precaution to present danger of in- 
fection of canine madness, &c. Mr. Sutcliflf 
smoaked a pipe with me. I car** the Guinea of Mr. 
Cowper to Mr. Bean & gave it to him in the 



15. Gave Mr. Sutcliff flowers & plants out of the Gar- 
den. Mr. Andrews brought the ladies diaries to 
be bound. 

l6« I went & caf* to Mr. Bean 2' colledled from my 
day & evening school to be put into the Colledtion. 
I writ to Mad". Went to Mr. Sutcliffs meeting. 

„ 1 8a The Miss Brightmans paid their Q' & 2 weeks, & 
so we parted in peace. Sam* called, & Han** re- 
fused to come in at the invitation of my cousin. 
I planted the Daisies in Mr. Bean's garden. 

II 19. I went to Weston, drank tea with Mr. Hayley who 
came to Weston last Tuesday. I ventured to pro- 
duce Pindar^ He said I had made bustling work 
& put all thmgs in motion & the ans"^ was clever. 
The Lord give his blessing on it, for it was I fear 
too precipitate. My cousin went to Dropshort. 

„ 30. All of us at church in the afternoon. I went in the 
eve to take leave of Mr. Bean who with his Son 
& Daughter were to go to London To-morrow. 

^ Teedon had written an attack on Peter Finder (Dr. Wolcot) who had 
^pritten a poem on the King's visit to Whitbread's brewery. 

m's DiAKy, IS 

May 21. At Mr. Sutclift's meeting. And to Mrs Bean to 
take l(;avi: of him who with Son & Daug' were to 
go to London. He was not in the way, 

,, 33. I went 10 Mr. Hillyard's meet* & heard a long & 
tedious discourse without comfort from a stranger. 

„ 33. Mary Andrew came in about s & told us Mrs. 
Unwin was taken ill last nif;ht witli a stroke of the 
Pal&y yesterday eve. i .in hour afterwards I rec* a 
note from the Esq' desiring me to pray for them 
but not to come up that night. 

„ 34. I went to Weston, but first writ a Letter & waited 
to see if any tydings came & then I went over just 
at th(i time Mad" was car^ into the pnrlour to be 
cledlrified. Found they had some hopes of her 
recover* speech, &c., & some use of het hand & 
thigh. Mr, Cowper came to me in the study. I 
stayed but little while. Called at Higgirs's & 
found Mrs. Buan there. And coming home heard 
Mr. Grigson's' opinion was that there were not the 
least hopes of her recovery. But the Lord can 
help when all other help fails. 

,, 36. I set all the hoys tasks. Went to Weston, had 
into the Hall; the Esq' came & asked me if I had 
not rcc'' a note from him. I said, no, he enquired 
& M. Andrews had it. I could not see Mad", he 
said she was just brought down & it would exhaust 
her &c., & gricv(> me & so I did not see her. I 
went to Timming.i who showed me his Garden & 
asked me not to sit down. Mary brought me the 
note about 8 of the clock I 

,, 37. Mr. Berridge's curate preached to-day. I went 
spent an hour with iiim in the Eve. '' ■ ■'' - 
Letter, but did nut go up. 

' Rev. Dr. Greeson, Roman Catholic priest at Weston. 

& ij 

ny II 

26 teedon's diary. 


May 28. I sent my Letter in the mom by Mr. Old. The 
Esq' sent an immediate ans' by Sam^ & his com- 
panion was Mr. Hayley*s maid who refused to 
come in. 

99 39. My cousins went to Betty Stow & drank tea & 
heard more than ever we knew before concerning 
Ravenstone School. We found he had scarce sub- 
sistence, very sickly, very sober, and gentill, very 
diligent, & much neglected by them &c. 

„ 30. I writ to Mad™, sent it by Mary & re** a Note from 
the Esq' that Mad" was greatly restored, begins 
to set her right foot on the ground &c, & he hopes 
all will end well. The name of the Lord be 

June I. I went, drank tea. Mad"" still better but very much 
incapasited for converse but perfect in understand^. 
She ordered Mr. C[owper] to give me the money. 

99 2. Mr. Bean came home. My cousin payed Mr. 
Andrews for the cloak & Cuthbertson for Soap, 
&c, I was very much disturbed by inquietude. 

t, 3« I & Polly rec** with Mammy the H.S. I writ my 
Letter & went over to see Mad", whom I found but 
little better. Worthy very ill & did not go to 
church. Polly Smith called on us. 

99 4. Mr. Nicholls bought Sam^ Nicholls to school. 
Polly & Worthy went to drink tea with Mrs. York. 


9 9 

5* I writ to-day to the Esq'. But, before he rec** it, 
he wrote me a long & sorrowful letter in deep dis- 
tress, thinking to give up his work. Mad" being 
relapsed, &c. I writ an ans' & advised the con- 
trary & sent it by Mr. Old. 

7, I had writ to the Esq' to express my hope of good 
tydin^s. Before }t weRt I i^q!^ a note of ^094 



le. import & wrote a postscript & sent it by Worthy 
at 3 of the clouk. The Esq', desired liitn to make 
a letter case of Mr. Hayley's invention. Polly & 
Worthy went down with Bet Stow's Bundels & 
car' a sprig of myrtle to Mrs. Harris, 

. 8. The wood came to-day & Jos Kitchener gave each 
6', it was a verj' rainy day. 

, 9. I went to Mr. Higgins to know how much the 
wood came to, it being an excellent load indeed. 
Jacky said ho understood it to be the same as 
before. I went to Mad" & had the pleasure of 
seeing her walk across the room with Mr. Cowper's 
help. Found Mr. Johnson of Norfolk there. 

, 10. Wc were all at church in the afternoon. I went 
to the lower meet* at night. 

, II, John Walker & James Longlanci came, for which 
I praise the Lord. 

, 13. Mrs Swannel! called on us. I went & heard Mr. 
Aspenar from " I am oppressed, undertake for 
me." Writ to Esq', by Worthy who car^ the Let- 
ter Case which proved too small, so he told him 
he raust make another, but it should be no loss to 
him. Bet Stow presented us with a mackarel, 
brought from Bedford, going thither on HUlyard's 

, 14. I went & heard Mr. Aspenar at the lower meet*. 
At Mr. Bean's & found Mr. Bean was gone to 
Creaton to hear Mr. Newton, & dined with Mr. 

,, ig. I writ to the Esq', an ans' to his note by Han''. 

,, 16. I went to Weston conversL-d with them during tea, 
1 RcY. Samuel HiHyard, sod of Rev. Thomas Hilljatd, of Olnej-, wa* 
ordained Miniitei of Bunyim Meeting, Bedford. 

*8 teedon's diary. 


June, but did not drink anything but beer, prayed with 
Mad"* & Mrs. Peers, could make but little of 
Mad"['] meaning out which grieved me much 
tho she spoke better than heretofore. 




17. All of us at Church in the afternoon. I writ my 
letter. My cousins took a walk & called upon 
Bet Stow. 

i8. Mr. Timings came & payed 7/2, and drank. His 
wife ill, he said, with the Gout in her legs, that she 
had no use of them. The Esq' writ me word that 
Mad"* walked alone 4 times yesterday in Orchard 
walk 1 Praised be the Lord. 

19. Mr. Hillyard called to inform me he would send 
his Son. Had Chine & plumb-pudden sent in plenty 
by York from the ship [sheep] shearing. 

,, ao. Mary Andrew said Mrs. Peers leaves the Lodge, 
and goes to-morrow to the House where James 
died. I went & heard Mr. Bedford at Mr. Sutcliffs. 
meet* I writ to the Esq'. 

99 ai. Mrs. Lamb, her Mother & Bro' came & made our 
house their home. They came to see their sick 
sister & bro' who are now very ill, but I have some 
hope the Lord will raise them again & her hus- 
band, I find, is very ill. 

I went & heard Mr. Bedford at the lower meet*. 
Found [that] Mr. Hollo well the Overseer said the 
family of Drage should want for nothing & he not 
only says, but does. 

»9 33. I went to Weston, found Madam still mend*, 
prayed for her & Mrs. Peers. Came home and 
went down to see how the Drages did to Mr. 
Hollowell's. Found hopes of their recovery. 

,, 34. Mr. Jones preached tp i;s o^on^* &f eve. Sei|t (ox 



ne. Mr. Postletli wait, who preached at Weston, to come 
& preach at OIney because he wanted to speak to 
him. He aaid if he wanted to speak to him he 
must come to him, for he would not come to 
OInev. I went dowutoMr. Hollowell. The wife 
& Child" better. 

, 25. I sent m)- Letter to the Esq' by Sam' Roberts. 
Found Mad™ bftttT. I enquired after the sick & 
found them better. 

, 26. Worthy went & car* 3 letter boards, silk & trim- 
mings, cost 18''; he gave him 6' which much dissat- 
isfied because of the trouble of them. I heard 
Drage ran in everybody's debt & payed nobody. 
So will go DO more down. Heard an excellent 
discourse from Mr. Langford at the nearest 
meeting. Heard Wliitbread was to be at Bedford. 
Asked Andrev^s for his horse. He could notspare 

, 37. The Quiilman called, he asked 1 1/- for 1 2 hundred 
of the long thousands. I bid him 8. He oflfered 
them at 10/6. I was quite unhappy to-day in spirit. 
Thinking how Inwood tiaunted away, &r. And 
Tomkins' money. 

, 28. I rec'' a letter from the E.sq'. I went to Mr. S. 
Hughs' & rec' 7-. 

, 29. I writ ans' to the above. Mrs. Swannel called & 
Child". I went in the eve t<i see Mr. Newton & 
Miss Catlett who were at Mr. Bean's. Had 
K.empton of Hockin & shewed him the press, &c. 

, 30. I went to see Mr. Gale, but neither eat or drink 
with him. Called on Mr. Sutcliff who brought 
but one ans' to all the Queries & even that not 
right. Polly visited Mr. Newton in the morn & 
Worthy met him on his return from Weston where 
he had been to carry 3 vols, of Reviews. 


J6 tEft£)ON*S DIARY. 


July I. Mr. Newton preached from i c 2"** Ep. of Cor. 
V 3 & 4, in the morn. At night 1 19 Ps. 158 v. I 
writ my Letter. Polly & Mammy could not go by 
reason of Indisposition & the heat, &c. 

„ a. Thos. Hillyard came to school. I rec'^a Note from 
the Esq' of his receiv* Mr. Newton with joy & a 
rccolledlion of Joy under his ministry. 





3. Mr. Courteney^ sent 1 1 vols of pamphlets to bind. 
But Worthy so very ill with spasms that I had 
a most distressful scene both before & after I came 
home, on a visit to the Esq', who spoke for 3 let- 
ter cases & said he would be half to find^ a press 
for the books & after I came from hearing Mr. 
Newton from 8 Isa. 1 1 v., at Weston at the eve. 

4« We sent for Ashbumer to ask him about a press, 
who had his press fixed or we should have had it. 

5, I had a press almost compleat bestowed freely on 
me by Mr. Andrews, painter. 

6, I was assaulted with reproach by Ashburner on. 
with Raban, who intercepted my Note which I sent 
home by Perry [to] inform Raban of the pulling 
down of the old shop.* I went over to the Esq'. & 
informed him of it, who desired me to go to Raban 
& inform him, & write down his ans', who defied 
them to touch the school, &c. Mr. Newton called 
& gave me a GLuineai] but behaved ill. 

7, My cousin seized with the cramp so violently I 
feared instant death, & Worthy so ill as not able 

to walk. I went to Emberton for leaches &. called 
on T. Hale's father & his bro' with him & drank, 

»» 8. None but myself heard Mr. Newton who preached 

1 Of Weston Hall. 

> The Shiel Hall and the Blacksmith's Shop adjoining. 




from James. 1 c, v 26, Matt. 8. v 14, in the eve, 
Heb. 6 c, V 12. Bel SLoiv drank tea with us. A 
collection for the Sunday School. All the child- 
ren attended. A prodigious auditory. 

0. Andrews sent me 3 short of my due, I went & told 
him, I would not take it. He behaved very ill & 
insulted me grievously which 1 took very patiently, 
but said I would not take for i a week. Met Mr, 
Newton in my walk, spoke of Mammy's afflidlions. 
He said we must always have something & soon. 

10. I re* a noie from the Esq' which much distressed 
me. He said all my notices reguard^ Milton, I 
wrote an Ans' but did not finish it, merely through 
despondency. Praised be the Lord I Polly & her 
Mammy & myself at church & heard Mr. Neivton 
"And as the serpent was lifted up in the wilder- 
ness so must the son of man be lifted up." Note. 
— I had writ this day a text to encourage him to 
resume his work I 

11. Reed a note from the Esq' inform^ me with much 
affetflion that my Notice of Yesterday had refresh- 
ed him & that he had this r " It must be watered 
with prayers & tears." So it appears in his des- 
pondency he wrote to me before he had rec'' mine 
I had not sent the letter tho' written, .so opened it 
& writ an answer with much pleasure I reck'' 
with Mrs. Morgan & the balance against me. 

13. I & Polly & Mammy at Church. The Text Mr. 
Newton preached from Gal. 6 C 9 v. " £t noi 
weary in well doing." I went to the painter's with 
an old Quarks but he had seen & had the latter 
part. I had the gold come down for which I am 
to pay 676". A stranger' went to Mr. Cowper with 
much lugge &c. 

13. I went & look my leave of Mr. Newton & gave him 
' Abbot the pa'nter. 

ji tiCltDON^S DIARt. 


July. the memorandums to Mr. Bat. 

,, 14. I heard of Mr. Abbot com^ to take the £sqr" 

»» 15. I went to Weston in the morn the church be* there 
& car** my letter. At dinner time I went to Mr. 
Andrews, painter, & informed him of Mr. Abbot 
taking the Esqr*' likeness &c. I went down to 
Mr. Hillyard's. A collection at the door. I gave 
3** bidding Humphrey to put in 9** I would pay 


16. J. Robinson my uncle's appentice came to see us. 
Mammy went with him to buy a little Bo/s suit of 
cloth[e]s of Nicholls, &c. I went to Bean's to 
set July stocks & found J. Marshall there. Polly 
Smith and her sis' called. Timmings likewise. 

M 17. Writ to the Esq', found Hannah was very ill & 
was to go out to Stratford school. Mammy went 
& paid Mr. Humphrey the rent. I went to Mr. 
Sutcliff, intimated I might read a society's book 
under his own roof to which he agreed. He came 
home with me about the backing boards. 

„ 1 8. Sam Roberts brought me a Note, asked me to 
come & see the pi5:ure, brought me a note from 
the Esq' the face quite finished. It was his own in- 
vitation not the Esqr's & invited Mammy. Molly 
who lives at Betty Stow's called to see us. I went 
to Mr. Sutcliflf's meet*. The Lord be praised, 
Worthy bravely to what he was ; almost entirely 
recovered. And find Mrs. Unwin still mend* every 
day I Good is [the] Lord & gracious. I got up 
this morn at 4 to exercise my Body. 

ft 19. I went over to Weston, found Han^ better. Mad" 
informed me she should send her out for year & 
half & that Mr. C. wanted to go to Havley, but he 
wished for a word of the Lord from me. I pray 



July. the Lord to give me direction. 1 saw the picture 
& conversed with Mr. Abbot who seemed a very 
affable man. I prayed with Mad". 

,, ao. I had mislaid my purse with i guinea in it& oc- 
casioned much trouble to our people who found it 
at last. 1 went and conversed with Andrews the 
painter. Very ill in one of my eyes with inflamma- 

, 31. 1 this morn solemnly invocated the Lord for a word 
ofdirection concerning the Sussex journey. I ob- 
tained this Go, 6" / ivii! be with him and alterwards 
And he went to Bethel to enquire 0/ the Lord who said 
I will go dmvnwith thee inlo £gypl &wiU bringthee 
tip again. 

, 3a. I rec^ early this mora" a note expressing full satis- 
faction front the Esq' &c & when I came over he 
would supply my wants in his absence. 

, 33- Mr. Sample' called to engage me. I went to 
Weston to see the Picture, drank tea, conversed 
with them &c. Andrews' daughters came in at the 
back stairs. I agreed with Mr. Sample for full pay 
for all but one half boarder. 

, 34. Went to-day to teach at Mr. Sample's. Worthy 
went with leather — 3 books. Mr. Greatheed there 
who spoke for i. 

, ad. ReC" a most sorrowful Note from the Esq' of his 
distress concerning the Journey & his fear of the 
consequences to Mrs. Unwin & himself &:c. I did 
not ans' it but went to Church. A fire at Harrold's 
stables which was soon over. Very sorry I did 
not write. 

, 37, I writ to day; the Lord give his blessing to it Si 

' Mis. Sample kept n Boardicg School in Olncj'. 

34 tk^DON^s DiAki^. 

July. desired an ans' but as I rec** none I writ again. I 
I rec** my money of Mrs. Raban for Perry, called 
on Mrs. Hollowell & Mrs. Andrew. 

„ j8. I rec** a note from the Esq" Notwithstanding I 
went up and drank tea with them. M** Bean 
there. The Esq. said he should see me again. 

,, 39. We were all at Church. In the afternoon I 
went to Mr. SutclifF's. 

ft 30. I went up, prayed, and took my leave of Mad", rec** 
a sealed paper of money with injundlion not to 
open it till i Sept. Went to Griggs to order a 
saddle of mutton for them. 

ft 31. I writ a farewell letter to the Esq'* The coach 
we found came to Weston about 2. Sam^ and his 
wife came to take their leave. ♦ 

Au^. I. Found they went to-day at. 8 of the clock in good 
spirits. Rec** my bill of Mr. Hard wick for E. & 
M. Perry, due 24 July. 

M a. I went to Church heard Mr. Humphrey on Safan 
has desired to have thee to sift thee as wheat. Very 
much disquieted for fear Worthy should miscarry 
in the Gilding, which did not succeed so weM as 
expedled. The Lord will I hope remove this 
stone out of the way. 

„ 3. Much depressed still about the gilding thro'^6:are 
now done very tolerable. 

», 4. Got over the difficulty of the lettering. 

,, 5, Polly & Mammy rec** the H. S. Much in fear of 
Polly having her fits, but fetching some brandy it 
relieved her instantly, praised be the Lord.- -^ 

f^ 6« Bou^lit the pres»^& frame of R. Andrews for 6** 



Auy 7. I had the pleasure & happiness of hear" from the 
Esq' of their safely arriv^ at Eartham. For this I 
praise the Lord. Sent home the books of Mr. 
Courtnay' charge 11 vols 8vo, large ii mo, & one 
Quarto, charge 1+' 8''- 

,, 8. I writ to the Esqr to day, Rec" 9 vols to bind from 
Mr. Courtnay, he desired they might be done just 
like the former. Polly Smith informed us of the 
Death of her father. 

,, II. Had the wood cut up, &c., Kitchener to do it, 
gave him i'' A packet c^me at the same time to 
go to Mr. Cowper, 

„ la. I and all of us at Church in the afternoon. 

,, 13. Mrs Longland called of Yardley to pay. I said I 
would at the Qr send in my Bill. Polly Smith 


,, 14. I went down to Mr. Hillyard's meeting. Mr. 
Greatheed here but did not call on us. H. Brooks 
came to make up her week, 

,, 16. I writ again to the Esq" 

„ 17. Mr. Bat, Mrs. Hughes and all her family drank 
tea with us, &c. I wnt a letter to Mr. Newton & 
sent it by him requesting him to publish the dis- 
courses I had heard him preach when here. 

,, 19. I went over to Weston to see Mrs Peers & Molly 
Brown, brought away the plant that crept on the 
ground. Mrs. Peers very ill with her Eyes. 

„ ai. I rec'' a letter from the Esq' inform" [me that] 
Mad" was stronger in health & mended slowly but 
could not rise out ot her Chair, or walk without 

' Of Weston Hail. 




Aug, assistance, & he himself as dark as at Weston. 
Mr. Perkins at the Duke's Head taken suddenly & 
died before eve. 

99 aa. I got up at 6 and made the fire, &c. At the meet^* 

9, a3« Worthy took very ill I had a bottle of Port at 
Botterrills 21^ returned the bottle. Bought if of 
eels of Harrold who forgot I had paid him, so I 
paid him twice, tho' I certainly paid him before. 


a4« I sent my letter to-day to the Esq'. 

,9 35. I went drank tea with Mr. Higgins. On hint* his 
promise about fetch*^ the Coal he said he would 
not for £s9 ^^^Y were so backward in their work 
this year. I called on Mary Brow[n] & Mrs. 

,9 a6. We were all at Church in the afternoon, praised 
be the Lord. I called on Mr. T. Raban, who was 
very ill & in danger. 

99 a8. I went to see Mr. Raban & to Mr. Hillyard's 

„ ap. At Mr. SutclifF's. Mrs. Higgins called on us 
from Emberton. Rec** a letter from the Esq', a 
most affe(5lionate one indeed inform* he had de- 
termined to set out from Eartham on the 17 

99 3I« I writ again to the Esq" 

Sept. I. Worthy very poorly & much fretted by Gilding 
the 9 Vols of Mr. Courteney. Had my Coats 
mended & new pockets to one &c., charge 18* &c. 

99 a. I & Polly & Mammy rec^ the H.S. We all of us 
at Church in the afternoon. John Whitford called 
pn vf\t to see me, & said he was an Haberdasher 


Sept. & lived with his father.' 

, Mary Hewet brought a hook to bind. Rec^ a Let- 
ter from the Esq' in which I hope by the Lord's 
blessing more & more tokens of good. Wheeler 
called for the g vols just as they were packing up. 
Mary brought some buckthorn boughs with the 

, 6. Wheeler brought the Money £t -.b -.^ for 70 Vols. 
Polly, Worthy, tho' very ill with spasmodic pains 
& forced to walk with a stick, & his Mammy went 
to see Polly Bannister after tea & home & walked 
as far as Pierson's. 

, 7. I writ and sent my Letter to the Esq'. 

, 8. 1 & Worthy sawed the residue of the Wood. I cal- 
led on Sutcliff& told him of the ill usage Polly & 
Mammy rec'' & that Mnrriot was with them. &c. 
He told me by way rt-tribution of Mr. Cowper 
being assaulted very roughly by the Re\' 

, 9. 1 & Polly & Mammy we 
stranger of Hitchen pie 
Mr. Hillyard. 

to. I borr^ the Review of Mr. Biggs to read the arti- 
cle of Mr. C. All my f-;ars subsided on read* it. 
Mrs. Swannel called & payed 14'. Her behaviour 
not agreeable to our minds. My cousins all went 
to the Lodge & came home with Kitchiner & 
spoke to him to come Sr do the garden on Satur- 

II, Worthy so ill I was forced to dress him. 

' Formetly Minister of the Independent Meeting it Olney. 


38 teedon's diary. 


Aug> la. Worthy took a Dose of sennoe which removed his 
complaints in a wonderful manner. 

II 13. I writ to the Esq' for the last time at Eartham. 
No church, Mr. Bean being out. 

„ 15. Kitchener came to do the garden, &c. 

„ i6« All of us at Church in the afternoon. I went to 
Mr. Sutcliff's. 

„ 17. Had the Catalogue of Luckington of Mr. Sutcliff, 
Had the pleasure of another Letter from the Esq' 
tell^ me he kept to his purpose of sett*^ out on the 
1 7*'* &c. 

,, 1 8. Worthy went over with my Letter to the Esq', but 
they did not come, brought it back. Found Dick 
Coleman^ just come in & advised Kitchener by 
all means if they came to get rid of him without 
Mr. Cowper seeing him, &c. 

,, 19. Had the pleasure & happiness of finds they came 
last night. For this I bless & praise the Lord. 

99 ao. Worthy went over with a Letter to the Esq', was 
well rec** & entertained with Rum in the parlour. 

99 a I. Worthy went over with the Letter boards of Mr. 
Johnson. 3 of them, but Mad" was eledlerfying, so 
he saw neither of them. Sam^ called and brought 
the Esq'** thanks for my 2 Letters & he could not 
write for a weakness in his Eyes. 

f f 

. I went & called on Hill of Weston & dined with 
the Esq' & found him much affedled by the cen- 
sure of the M\ R.* 

^ Brought as a lad by Cowper from St. Albans. Probably Dick 
was drunk. 

» The Monthly Review^ 

tkkdon's diary. 39 


Aug. 23. I & Mammy & Polly all at Church twice. Mr. 

Bean relumed from London yesterday. 

,. 34 

. Ann York came again to sewing & brought harvest 

home fare very plenteonslv. Mr. Hillyard called 

& payed [one] g[uinea] for Tho' schooling. 

., a6 

. I reC* a Note from the Esq' inform^ me next Mon- 

day he purposes to begin liis Dissertations.' 

.. 39 

. To our Surprize Mrs. Lamb of Higham came to see 

us. I reckoned with Mrs. Tompkins & Morgan. 

I rec" Pindar* from the Esq' with the character of 

humorous, but that Whitbread would not, he 

thought, interest himself in it. 

■ ■ 30 

. I & Polly rec- the H. S. with Mammy. Mrs. Lamb 

set out after breakfast for Boaeat, Polly took in 

a fit & Mammy, both very ill, and so was I from a 

brisk purge 

Oct. 1. 

I did not write by Mammy's persuasion on ace' of 

my being ill. Sam' Roberts called & told me the 

Esq' was very well & Mach. 

.. 2. 

Mrs. Higgins of Emberton & Child called & drank 

tea with us. I writ to-day by Mary in the mom 

& expefled an ana' by the eve but none came. 

M 3- 

Read & finished Bruce's Travels. Mr Bean le<51:ur- 

ed to-night on ace' of his going out to preach a 

Charity Sermon at Birmingham. Pitts began at 

the Bull his Philosophical Ledtures and experi- 


>. 4- 

Polly asking Mrs. Raban about the Coal reC* answer 

that her husband had so much to do he could 

not go &c. 

> On Milton. H 

3 See 19 May 179]. ^H 

40 teedon's diary. 


Oct. 5. I went to Hatcher in the very instant he was weigh* 
cheese to go to Bedford, who agreed 10 go to-mor- 
row. In much fear by my left eye being much in- 
flamed but no pain, but the sight often obstrudled 
by substances like cobwebs appearing. 

„ 6. I and Polly went to Mrs. Swannel's. The coal 
came at 3. Jos Green & J Kitchener emtyed — 4** 
each. Writ to the Esqr. 

,, 7. Had a Minister preached from Birmingham in the 
Morn Honour all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, 
honour the King. In the afternoon on the New 
Creature. I Heard Fuller^ at Mr. SutclifF's in the 
eve. Rec** a sorrowful note from the Esq'* 

,, 8. Mammy very ill with her leg & I much alarmed by 
its swelling. 

9. Mrs. Banjam for Miss King of Sherrington 6/6, of 
Mrs. Revis for Miss 6' j*** I went to Mr. Hillyard. 
Shout O Inhabitant of Zion. Heard C. Higgins 
was taken ill a Coursing, so that he was forced to 
be brought home in his Coach and it was said he 
was Dying or dead. 

10. Went & payed my Rent & for the knives. 

I a. I went & heard Mr. Storten from He was full of 
Grace df Truth, a most excellent discourse & he 
but 22 ! 

»• 13. I went & reckoned with WagstafF & rec** my 
Money. I went to Weston only to pray a few 
minutes. Mrs. U. told me of Mr. N[ewton] being 
a changed man since he became Redlor, &c., & 
Mrs. H. was his pipe of Intelligence, &c. 

„ 14. All of us at church in the afternoon. I at Mr. 

1 Ji^. Ai^drew Fuller, the distinguished Baptist Minister, 






Oct Sutctirs to hear Mrs. Andrews tlie deacon's wif 
funeral. / will never leave thee nor forsake thee. 

.. 15- 

I went to the prayer meeting to return thanks for 

the han-est. 

„ 16. 

Went d..wn to .Mr. Hillyard's meuL«. 

>. "7- 

Heard Mr. Shamian at Mr, Sutcliffs. Sunt a note 

to Mr. Greatheed' to inlorm him I hope he rec" 

the Letter books and if he had sent the money. 

M iS. 

H(;ard Mr HimiplirCTs preauh in the Chancel 

from John's Ep 1, 30. 

„ 19. 

Heard Mr. Whitney at Mr. Sutchffs. 

■ ■ 20. 

Mr. Hillard brought tlie Money for the letter 


,, 21. 

I & Polly & Mammy at Church with Worthy. In 

the afternoon we were interrupted by S. Robinson 

com* in by Mr. T.ilbot's order. Worthy asked 

Mrs. Lord if she complained of our silting with 

her, &c. I went to Mr. Hean who said he would 

speake to Mr. Talbot about it. I went to Mr. 

Hillyard's in the morn hecausi; ihere was hot ser- 

vice in the motn, Mr. Bean b^■in,^^ at Weston & I 

went again in the eve & gave 3'', it bein;,' coiledlion 


„ 33. 

The Esq' sent me a note & an invitation to dinner 

which I accepted. Mrs. U. told me a Moi- 

[mother's] he.irt was opened to pray for Mr. C JO 

miles off. 

.. 35. 

I went & rec'' my Bill for Perry of Mrs. Raban. 

Called to know of .Mt. IJean about the pew. who 

said he thought he should have seen Mr. Talboi 

' 01 Newport PagneU. ■ 



Oct. at the Court* & he would have spoke to him about 

,, 27. I went to Weston, called on the Esq' & brought 
the Mag[azine]. Went to Mr, Bean about the 
pew, who was dining at Weston at the Esq', but 
I went down to W" Raban, churchwarden, & told 
him. But Mr. Bean came & told us he had pro- 
vided Mr. Talbot's man with a plan & Mr. T. did 
not desire to disturb us. 

,, aS. All of us at church twice except in the morn. 
Mammy at the nearest meetg* 

,, 39. W"" NichoUs came again to School. Mrs. Swan- 
nel palled & was so pleased with the Glass of Beer 
that she came & asked for more. I sent my Let- 
ter to the Esq'. 

,, 30. Mr. Tyrrell at the Swan at Newport, agreed to 
send his son to school by the Qr at g*. I to find 
ink and pens. I went and heard Mr. Carver at the 
lower meet^ from 31 Ex. 10 v. 

,, 31. J. Tyrrell came to school. Heard Mr. Carver 
They that seek thee thou wilt not forsake, at Mr. Sut- 
cliffs, Ps 9. 

Nov. I. No Church Service, Mr. Bean hav» the toothache. 
I writ to the Esq^ 

,, a. I writ to Taylor for three skins. I went to see Mr. 
Bean who was very ill with a pain in his head & 

,, 3. I writ to the Esq' by Worthy who car^ over a letter 
case. I went to Mr. Bean & disuaded him from 
send* the Cryer to let the people know there would 
be no church in the morn on Sunday. 

«Xbc Court Le^tt 

teedon's diary. 4.3 


Nov. 4. I went over after dinner to Mad", met the Esq- 
who gave a most dreadful acct of the state of his 
mind &c. I went on to Mad", prayed, & came 
home at the time of the lessons read*. At Mr. 

, I went to Mr. Andrews, painter. He had begun 
the Horse and Lion. Brought a July flower from 
Harris's and my tnont'y of Mr. Hardwick for the 

, i Yorks & I Bedfords &G. Kahan came to School. 

■ from the Esq' of sorr 

, Polly Smiih drank tta with u 
I writ to the Kiq', advising 

10. Polly & Worthy went to York's. Picked 4 a pint 
of Buckthorn berries. I vis[ijted Mr. Bean, heard 
of Chater's authorship of the Xighl 'Jhoughlt. 

11. I only rec* the H.S. Writ to the Esq'. Advised 
7 daj'S praver, morn & eve from the I'xample of 
Elijah's serV'- 

12. John Travi! came. Eliz. Soul in the night school. 

13 I reC a note from the Esq' who said he would com- 
ply & ans-* about Flamdisi] Los!. I at Mr. Hill- 

14. I went to Mr. SutclifT's meet?. 

15. No Church service. Mr. Bean gone to Bedford. 
1 went to W. Smith to see Mr. Scott's Bible,= heard 
Mr. Scott lost ;^400 by his bookseller. I write to 

'In the original, the entries from Nov. 5 to Nov. 14 are misplaced, and 

under date Nov. iiTeedon writes "For the 5 look forward to the II." 

' The fanious Commentaiy by the Rev. Thomas Scott, 




Nov. the Esq' my dream of Mad'^'s recovery, & [of her] 
sayg "Mr. T[eedon] *A11 things are as happy as we 
can wish.' " 

,, 17, I went to Weston met Mr. Gregson at the Esq's 
who told m© Christmas would do for the books. 
Mad" ill in her face & hand with a swell*. 


19. Jane Clark & James Chater came to school. 

„ a I. I rec*' a Letter from the Esq', telk me he had event- 
ually complied with my requisition, but found little 
or no releief, but would keep to it as well as he 
could. I writ the dream of the Lion's den & his 

„ 33. I could not bare the school on Ace* of the Smoak 
I went to Mr. Bean & he advised me to go to Mr. 
Wright^ at i after 2 who ordered Mr. Raban to 
repair the chimney &c. 

„ 35. I & Polly at Church. 

9 9 30. My Cousins drank tea & supped at Betty Stow's. 
I finished & cor^ the Sonnet writ to the Esq' but 
could not send it. 

Dec I. I went to rec" my pay & Mrs. U. informed me 
for the future I was to rec* only 26 instead of 30. 
I was much discomposed &c. Sent my Letter 
before I went which I writ yesterday. She said 
if I could do better I was at liberty ; she could dis- 
pose of it &c. In ans' to my telling her she had 
promised to continue it at 30 &c. 



I rec** yesterday a fine goose from Mrs. Swannel 
which we roasted to-day. I rec** the H. S. My 
cousins went to see our old neig' Andrews. Mrs. 

^ ^ord Dartmouth's Steward, 



Dec. Nicholls came & bought Sam' a hible al 5. I got 
b'. The Perrys & Eliz & Polly yiaid to the 1". 

„ 4. Mr. Clark came in the Eve. I rec'' a letter from 
the Esq' again desiring to be pmvcd for respe<5l* 

,, 6. Mrs. Hughes sent for Polly's books. 

,, 7, I went to Mrs. Hugh's & her Sis' who charged me 
with encouraging all the wickedness of my cousins 
&c. 1 writ to the Esqt. 

,, 8. 1 reC' a note from the Esq' & the family bible. I 
writ for leather &c. to Green. 

,, Q. I, Polly & Mammy at Church. 

,, 10. Sally Roybythorn come in the eve school. I car' 
hom'e Dr. Afanton new hacked to Mr. Clark &: had 
zo". I went with Quarks to Miss Bean. I went to 
Mrs. Palmer's & related Mrs. Hughs' misbehavi- 
our & reC" a Quarter & had a tinder box. I writ 
to the Esq'. 

,, 13. I went to Mr. Sutcliff's meet'. 

,, 13. I went to Church. But writ to the Esq'. 

„ 16. All of us at Church but Worthy. Mr. Bean desired 
a meeting of the inhabitauls on Tuesday to testify 
by their loyalty, as it was said this town was dis- 
affe<5ted to the Government. 

,, 17. Mrs. Swannel called & talked of Jack's learn^ Latin! 
Sent by Kitchener all the music books by desire of 
Mrs. Courtenay yesterday by a Note from her. 

„ 18. Met at the Church. I spoke in approbation of the 
first read declaration. 1. Pain burnt &c. in the eve. 



Dec. 19. I did not go to Mrs. Sample's to-day. Miss 
Dowleys going home &c. Mrs. WagstaJff called 
to see us; in the School time & invited my Cousin 
to see her. 




Broke up to-Day & set Tasks. Rec* a Note from 
the esq informing [me that] Mr. & Mrs. Rose were 
to dine to-day with them & w* stay 10 Days. 

33. I writ to the Esq"*. 

25. Went to Church. Prayers in the Chancel being 
Christmas day. At Mr. Sutcliff*s meet^gave 3'* to 
the colledlion at the door. At Church in the eve. 
The desire of all nations shall come. A very great con- 
gregation. Worthy took exceeding ill. I fetched a 
bottle of Lisbon 2" i'*. 

„ 26. I writ to the Esq'. Went & bought a Gown from 
Mr. Andrews, draper — 5 yards J at 5/6. I stayed 
& he read his Letter in the Buckingham paper. 
Reckoned with Mrs. Morgan. Worthy still very 
ill. Mrs. Lord sent a plate of beef. 

„ 37. I returned the 5 J, my cousin not liking it & invit- 
ed Mr. Andrews to come & see the Music books of 
Mr. Courtenay, who came in the eve & spent it 
with us. 


a8. Worthy very ill. 

! Chruiifave meh mceptis, 

Jan. I. 1 gave 2- for mv new year's gifi. Began School 
both day & night. % Berrills uf Yardley came to 

,, 3. Mr. Bean preached' from Rcmembsr Iky Crealor m 
the davs of Iky Youth. A very largo aiiditorv. I 
gave 2* fora riew year's gift. 

„ 3. Mr. Sutcliff from Gen. The God who has fed me all 
my life long bless the lads, &c. 

„ 4. Young Mr, Hillyard from z Kings, Josiak sought 
when hewas young Ihe Lord God 0/ his father David. 

,, 5.1 went reC" my money from Hardwick. Mr. Bannis- 
ter brought Tyrell's money from Newport. Went 
to Mr. Bean's and had a Catalogue. 

„ 6. 1 & Polly & Worthy reC" the H. S. I went to the 
Esq', heard a tale of his deep sorrow &c., called at 
Mr. Higgins' &c, Mr. Jacky &Miss & Mr. Verney 
present. Well rec'" 

„ 7. R. Johnson came to school. Mr. Bean came to see 
Mr. Courtenay's music books. 

,, 8, Miss Bean sent me the verses. 

„ 0. I went to Mr. Sutcliff's meet". Car" Chater's verses 
to Mr. Andrews & had \^ oi brown Holland. 
Miss Pell & Mrs Clark brought their Money. I 
sent 7 Letters to the Esq' in one by Sam' Roberts. 


4^ tEfeDON*S DtA.Rt. 


Jan. 13. Miss Pell & WagstafF drank tea with us. I sent a 
letter by the Harrold man who brings Hog pud- 

,, 13. All of us at lunch, but Worthy who was ill. 

„ 17. I sent my dream of the eggs & serpent to the Esqr. 
At Church. 

,, 18. Han^ called to take her leave.^ 

„ 19. I went to Weston, eat a mince pie, brought i vol 
of Hayley & 2 mags [magazines]. 

,9 30. All of us at Church in the afternoon. Mr. Bean 
spoke about the service in the Chancel, that he 
would try another day to accommodate all. If that 
would not do he would come into the church as 

„ 21. Polly Smith called & behaved very odd. Went to 
Sample's at m[orn] only. Miss Pell reckoned with 
Mr. Sample for quills, Books &c. 

„ 32. Becky Sample mar** to-day, so I did not teach at 

„ 34. I went to the Church Le<5lure. 

„ 36. I went & shewed the Letter board to Miss Higgins 
& Mr. Higgins, who asked me to dine. I went to 
. the Esq^ he asked me to dinner, but as Mammy 
was very ill I did not stay. 

,, 37. I & Mammy & Polly at church. Worthy not well 
but Mammy, tho* very ill, yet, I praise the Lord, 
was at Church, & went in the Eve to see Mrs. Rose 
who was ill with a pain in her face. Like Worthy, 
but his was in his ear. 

^ She was going away to a Boarding School. 

Jan. 28. I writ yesterday & sent my Letters & mag' by 
Sam' Roberts. Miss. Harriot Marshall began 
write at Mrs. Sample's. 

„ 31. At Church at the Le<5lure. 

Feb. I. I went to see Mrs. Bean & found they were all at 
Weston. Went yesterday. 

„ a. I went over to Weston to see Miss who presented 
me with J- a G[uinea], I tell^ her 1 came over to see 
her.tho' it was so bad a day,because 1 thought she 
would be alone. I did not call on the Esq', haV 
rec'' a most distressing note from him before I set 
out. Polly & Mammy bought a handkerchief a 
piece of Mr. Clark, both 4' 2^ 

,, 3. We went into the Chancel for the last time in the 
morn. 1, Polly, & Mammy reed the H,S. Worthy 
ill & did not go out. I went to Mr. Bean & took 
my leave of him, he going to London to-morrow. 

,, 5. Worthy very ill with complaint in his neck. We 
blooded him with a Leach which drew but a few 
drops, it was so weak. 

,, 6. I writ to the Esq'' J. Wheeler called & payed for 
the 7 vols of folio music 35", 1 of them two or 3 
vols in one. 

,, 7. Nanny Roberts & her Sons called for an almanack 
which was to be interleaved, but Worthy being ill 
it was not done. I went to Mad" Andrews & to 
Andrews the painter's, stayed z or 3 hours. Jack 
Perkins came in with a suit of Bever Skins. 

,, 8. Polly went with J. Stow & carried the Letter with 
the almanack, which Madam took very kindly & 
she returned with satisfat5tion. 1 received a Let- 
ter rather more lightsome from the Esq" 




Feb. 9* I went to Mrs. Bean & found Jones was come to 
preach & that he was now busy to get subscrip- 
tions &c. for Zion Church. I went to Weston & 
informed them who said they would not give nor 
see him. But this journey to Weston was taken to 
day & not yesterday. 



f » 


10. I heard Jones in the afternoon who then set out 
for Kettering. 

11. Mr. Barnard came. I asked him to take a parcel 
to Mr. Whitbread. He said he would. I writ my 
Letter of address & went to E. Soul's to rec* the 
Quarterage, her Mother being so ill she was to 
stay away. 

12. I car^ the M.S. to Mr. Barnard who promised to 
take great care of it. &c. I went to Mr. Hillyard's 
meeting. Mr. Sutcliflf preached on ace* of Shros- 
bury not com^. I went to Mrs. Bean. Miss told 
me of Jones and Mr. Higgins' affair of the in- 
closure of the fields. 

13. I went & heard Mr. Sharman. 

,, 14. I called upon Mrs. Bean & found she was sent for 
to Weston with Mr. Higgins' Chaise. Miss informed 
[me] of T. Raban*s distra<5lion. 

„ i6. I went to Weston to the Esq'**, found Jones called 
but did not see Mrs. U. The Esq' related his 
dream of converse with Milton. I called upon T. 
Raban who still continued very bad. The physi- 
cian to come to-morrow. At Mrs. Bean's Mr. 
Greaves there. 

,, 17. Mr. Greaves preached. I was sent for to go with 
him to Weston. Mr. B. H.* asked us to drink a 
Glass of wine &c which we did. 1 went & engag- 
ed Kitchener to go with him to Ld Cavendishe's 
at Billen. 

i l^obably Bartholomew Higgins. 

teedon's diakt. si 

Feb. i8. My money of Clark & payed for Pork 2' i" at 

,, 19. I went & heard Mr. Sharman's farewell sermon. 
7'fie good will of him who Dwell in the Busk. 

,, 31. I went to the Esq'" 

,, 33. 1 re'' a note from the Esq" 

„ 33. I & Worthy went to Mr. York's. Worthy ill with 
his head ache all the time & it rained all the way 
home. I went to see Mr. Bean who came home 
from London. 

„ 34. Sam' Roberts called. T, Raban so well as to go 
to Church & seemed very composed. Worthy too 
ill to go out. The rest of us at Church. I at 
Mr. Sutcliif's. 

,, 35. James Timmings came to School. I writ to the 
Esq', sent it by Kitchener. 

,, 37. I writ to the Esq' & sent z Mags. I & Polly went 
to Swannel's & lost our way. 

,, 38. I & Polly went to Mrs. Swannel's to inform them 
of Betty Boroughs 13^ the boys staying away on 
Ace' of it. They had confessed it at home. Lost 
our way, so went back to Emberton. Abrahams 
came home with us who was at work in the Gar- 
den. But this happened yesterday & she drank 
tea with us to-day & payed Betty tf- 

Mar. I. I car'' home the bottle of iase<5ts to the Painter's 
& showed him Worthy's binding in calf & marbled 
for T. Field who much admired it. I writ to the 
Esq' a dream of my coursing Sec. 

„ a. I went to the Esq' & reC the Quarterage, car'' home 
Harriot's for his son, T. Field bound & matbled 



Mar. in calf 20**. I shewed it first to Miss Higgins & 
Mrs. Bean. Miss, I found, had been with her all 
the week. Mrs. Bean was taken ill I fetched 
hartshorn, &c., from Grindon's for her. 

9f 3. I, Polly & Mammy re* H.S. I called to know how 
Mrs. Bean did, found her bravely, brought home 
the Histy of the Fire of London &• of the Great 
Storms} At Mr. Sutcliff's who preached Mr. 
Perry's funeral Sermon. The righteous are taken 
away J 57 Isa. 


4. Polly Smith brought some apples. Worthy took 
very ill so I was forced to arise. I was very sorry 
for my own impatience, &c. He seemed as bad 
with his neck or worse than before. 

,, 5* I rec* a Hat, 3 waistcoats, 2 breeches & a coat 
from Mr. J. H. Jun' with a kind Letter. I writ 
an ans" Did not go to Mrs. Sample's who ex- 
cused me on ace* of Worthey's illness who seemed 
not better. 

,, 6. I writ to the Esq' to-day. 

,, 8. Mr. Bean had his Le(5lure to night, but I did not 
go. Worthy at School to-day. 


9. I went to Weston, eat a sandwich &c. Then at 
Mrs. Andrews to comfort her under her anxiety & 
drank tea with her. The tryal of 5 of Nov. com- 
mg on Next Monday. At Mr. Bean's & found he 
was compelled to go, of which I went & informed 
Mr. Sutcliff, who made slight of it. 

ff lO. I writ to day as usual. Mr. Higgins called to day. 
I asked if there were a pair of Boots & spatter- 
dashes. He said he would look. I went and 
heard Mr. Boll at the lower meet** 

1 Probably works of Defoe. 

rs DIARY, 53 

Mar. II. Mr. Hadcock brought Scott's Bible. Polly & 
Mammy went and paid Cuthbcrtson. Paid Mrs. 
Grey +'■ I rec" 7" of Mrs. Gees. Called on Mrs. 
Andrews but Hurst's Clerk com* in to do business 
I came away. 

,, la. I paid Botterill for a bottle of wine which I had 
when Worthy was first taken ill & car* home the 

II 13. I went down to Mrs. Andrews. While there a 
messenger came in from Mr. Andrews to inform 
that Mr. Andrews had gained the Cause. This 
should have .been inserted yesterday. I went to 
Mr. Bean & found him much displeased wiih the 
Judge &c. 

I, 14. I res the verses mortuary & a Letter from the 
Esq'' Mr. Courtenav spoke for a Quarto Letter 
case. W" Caborn called on us. Mr. Courtenay 
called himself to order a Letter Case. 

,, i6. Sent home Mr. Coiirtenay's Letter Case, went 
to the Esq"' & found the Study & room over 
it under reparation. I drank tea with Miss & Mr. 
Higgins Senior, Did not get home till late on 
Ace' of the rain. W" P.Try came for his Books. 

„ 17. All at Church in the afternoon. I left the Paint- 
er's Mr. Cfowperl's Mortuary verses. At Mr Sut- 
chfT's meets- 

,, 18. I writ to the Esq-' 

„ 19. Bet Smith called & drank tea. 

,, ao. Bet Smith called on hi 
went & rec-" Perry's Q' ( 
to the Esq'' 

,, 31, At the Ledlure at Church. I car^ 3- being the 

54 tssdon's diary. 

March, change out of i Guinea for Perr/s Qr. to Mr. Ra- 

99 33. Mr. Bean brought 6 of The Advice to a new married 
Pair^ to be stitched. I rec** a very sorrowful Note 
from the Esq'* 

,, 33. I wrote to the Esq" And went over to see them 
after 5 but eat only an apple. 


34. I went & heard Mr. Storton at Mr. Sutcliff's 
meeting give a very afFedling acdl of the progress 
of the Gospel among the hindows under the min- 
istry of Mr. Thomas & that he & Mr. Gary* were 
to be here and soon embark for their mission. 
After a coUedlion. I writ to the Esq'. 

t, a5« My d' Gousin took so ill as scarcely able to move 
or stand upright or sit. I was much alarmed, 
fetched a bottle of wine. It was, I believe, the 
Rheumatism. I went to Mr. Bean*s to carry 4 of 
the Advices to a new married pair, which Worthy 
sewed for him & covered with marble paper. Had 
I" for them. He asked me to go into the parlour 
there. I found Mrs. Sample & her scholars. Mr. 
B. Higgins, Miss & Mr. Bean played on the organ 
&c. I drank a Glass of wine. 


f » 

26. My cousin, praised be the name of the Lord, 
much better to day. I fetched a pint of Gin & 
payed for my Wine & Gin, Mr. Botteril. I went 
to Mr. Sutcliff's meets & heard Mr. Gary preach, 
the Missionary to go to the Hindos with his Son 
about 10 Years of age. A Golledlion was made. 
I gave 6*** It amounted to almost £10. The Lord 
prosper the work I 

27. I writ to the Esq" 

^ A little work by Mr. Bean. 
3 ^m. Carey the famous 14issionaiT. 

tebdon's diarV. 55 

Mar. 39. I writ to the Esq" Went not to Mrs. Sample to 
daj. Mr. Jones of Creaton preached the Le<5ture 
in the eve. 

,, 30. A Fire broke out at Mr. W" Andrews', stone 
cutler, which occasioned his intire removal of his 
goods, but happily no other loss but damagK the 
house & breaking the furniture. 

„ 31. Rec^ with Polly the H.S. of Mr. Jones. Worthy 
verj' ill & Mammy stayed with him. T. Sharmaii 
died to-day. 

April I. The Day bo very severe that hardly any body 
came to the fair, it snowed & blew all the Day. I 
writ to the Esq' & sent it by Mr. Old. 

,, 2. Mammy began washing. I went to T. Sharman's 
burial. & Polly with me. Went to Mrs. Bean, 
who told me she was to go into Leicestershire for 

3. Miss Bean invited us all to drink tea, but coul.i not 

go to-day bat appointud 10-morrow. 

4. We all went & drank tea with her & Mr. B. Hig- 

gins. Mr. & Mrs. Grindon came afterwards & 
Hull. Had our desire of hearing much of the 
organ. Young had the pianoforte to repair. I 
sent to Miss Higgins & Ksq'- 

, 5. My Cousins all went to Filgrave, but lost their 
way & did not get there as soon a^ I did when I & 
Polly went. 

, 6. My Cousins went to York's. 

, 7. All at Church in the afternoon. 

, 8. W™ Rogers came to School, & Mrs. Barringer came 
tp intrpduce Mrs. Kin^ in the eve school. Selena 

$6 tbbdon's diary. 

April. Nicholls & Ann Brightman & Sally Bannister. I 

writ to the Esq^' Hepzibah Wagstaflf likewise. 

9, p. At Mrs. Andrews to complain about the sheers & 
car^ to Tomkins them he brought in their place. 


lo. I went to Mr. Sutcliff's, heard a Mr. Mayling. Pay- 
ed Mr. Griggs 2.8 Mr. Cuthbertson 2.1. 

,t 11. I went to the ledlure. Mr. Grindon's Child was 
buried & brought in at the Chancel door. Mam- 
my & Polly went to see J. Stow who was ill & 
found Polly who lives there was gone to offer her- 
self to service. 

„ ia« I went to Mr. Hillyard's meet^ & heard Mr. Rab- 
an^ on The word of the Lord was precious — a good 
auditory. W" Perry who lived at the Grange called 





13. I went and drank tea with the Esq^ who was in the 
very depths of despair & darkness. The Lord turn 
it to light. Car** Miss Higgins a Copy Book & 
copies. Had i/-. My cousins at Stow'sto see James 
who had the meazles. 

14. My Polly very ill with vomiting just as she was 
going to Church. I fetched J a pint of Brandy 
which did much good. 

15. I went to Andrews the Painter's about the brushes 
for Worthy. Found by Mr. Bean his Son was out 
of danger from the meazles. E. Underwood's 
Bro' came for her. 

16. I payed Mrs Bottrill loj for J pint of brandy & 
car^ home the bottle. Mr. Bean's maid very ill 
with the meazles, so that it was feared she would 
die. My cousins went to see James Stow who 
was out of danger from them. 

ip.ev T. Rabsai "the carpenter-parson*' of Olney. 

tebdon's DURY. S7 

April 17. The Esqr sent to know if thpre was any Letter. 

„ 18 I writ to the Esq'. I went & reckoned with 
Abrahams. P;nd for zoo Quills & bmuffht home 
r c more & he said they cost him a shill" besides 
cut[ti[ig] & wo'jld not let me have them under 14 
per C[i4.'' per 100]. T reC' Quills 3 . 6 

,, 19. I did not teach anywhere to-dav. but went in the 
mom to Church & heard Mr. B. from Sfian the rod, 
&c. In the noon went to Weston. Mr. B. over- 
took me hut neverspoketho' hut just by on the other 
side of the hedge, & seemed fearful hv his own 
velocity of my overtaking him. Esq' & Mad™ reC" 
me kindly. Returned to hear the evening Lefture 
from Jos. 24 JO verse. Serve not strange Gods. 

,, 30. I went to Mr. York's & drank tea. Car^ home + 
bound books ri mo. to Mrs. Brightraan in calf & 
splendidly Gilt & lettered 5' 8'* 3 vols of Tracts 
from Mr. Courtenay's. 

„ 21. At Church all of us in the afternoon, but Worthy 
who took physic. At Mr. Sutcliff's Meet*' 

,, 32. I writ my Letter to the Esq', & Polly being verv 
ill with a bad cold so that she could network, 
went with Mammy & car^ it. But saw neither the 
Esq' nor Mad" but coldly treated even by Nanny 
& Sam'- But came home refreshed after tea. 

,, 33. Polly very ill to-day & could not work, I went & 
heard Mr. Sims of Cambridge in the Chancel on 
Halk not Ike poller power oi'er Ihe clay to Qfc, Jer. 
1 8. And gave notice he should preach to-morrow. 

„ 24. Poliy better, the Lord be praised. 

,, 25. I find Polly mend*. But this expec' Day of sor- 
row on d' Mammy's Ace' who was twice dreadfully 

58 tskdon's diart. 

April, attacked by Convulsions owing to a want of tend- 
erness &c of W[orthy'| who would not be prevailed 
on till too late to go & see the beating- block at 
Raban*s. I had a bottle of wine of Botterill. 

,, 36. Mammy, praised be the Lord ! was better & took 
a walk with Polly & called upon B. Andrews &c. 
I went to Raban*s about the block & went with 
John to seethe Garden. I rec** a sorrowful letter 
from the Esq'. 

,, 37. I went & drank tea with Miss Higgins & her 
father. Mr. Bean came in likewise & I conversed 
with him about Mr. Sim's preaching &c. I called 
upon Mad" who told me she would advise Mr. 
Cowper to go & dine at the Hall. Brought some 
fish home from Mr. Higgins*. The beating-stool 
brought home from Raban's. 

,, aS. Worthy ill & Mammy stayed at home. I & Polly 
at church in the afternoon. I at Sutcliff's. I writ 
to the Esq'. 

,, 29. Caroline Palmer began her Q' in the eve. Maria 
Nicholls came again. I went down to Clark's the 
heelman to try his knife on the boards but it would 
not cut them. Called in the eve on Mad" Andrews 
who was ill. 

,, 30. I went to hear Mr. Carver or S. Hillyard but 
neither came. Mr. Hillyard supplied from Pour 
out your hearts be/ore Htm, I went & pay** my Rent 
to Humphry, having rec"* Swannel's bill. G. Raban 
came to-day to school. 

May I. Did not go to-day to Mrs. Sample's, she going to 
the Minister's meet? at Newport. Polly so ill with 
her head & Eyes that she had a Blister. I went to 
Mrs. Sutcliff's. 

,, a, Polly very ill, tjie Blister operated, Sh^ took ^ 

tekdok's diary. S9 

May. immoderate dose of Tartar which operated brisk- 
ly, but I hope did good. Applied a blister behind 
her ear. I payed Mr. Botteril for the Bottle of 
wine I had before & another I had to-day 3' S"- 
At church in the eve. 

Polly, I hope, 1 

M worse, tho' very ill. I caf'horae 

Mr. Sutcliff's 

Catalogue. I spoke about the 


, 4. I went & drank tea with Esq- & Mad" & Mr. John- 
son. He rec'' my Letter in tlie morn. I called 
on Miss Higfiins; Mr. Bean, & Mhi & John 
Bean there. Polly I hope better. 

, 5. I Rec-' the H,.S. Worthy at Church in the after- 
noon. Mrs. Swannel sent to let us know John & 
Rich'' were out of Danger from the meazles. 
Billy very ill yet. B^t Stow [and] Mrs. Rose 
called to see Polly who still continues better. I 
at Mr. Sutcliff's Meets- 

, 6. I. Nicholls came again after the raeazles. I sent 
to the Esq'. Marriot's Sale again to-day. Jane 
Creamer came to School in the eve. Polly mend- 
ing in her health to-day, praised be the Lordl 

„ 8. I writ to the Esq', but could not send it. I went to 
Mr. Sutcliff's meet*- Mr. Edmonds preached & 
during the Sermon Sallv Loddington died. 117V 

„ 9. I -sent the Letter to the Esq' by Sam' Roberts. At 
church. Folly went of herarrandsas usual for the 
first time this eve. The Lord be praised for it. 

,, to. All the Sunday Scholars followed Marriot's son 
to the Grave. I writ to the Esq', but could not 

, I sent the letter by Grigg['s] boy. 




May 13. I went to the Esq' & met him in the town, who 
informed me he would have writ if he had not seen 
me &c. I found Mad" very cheerful &c. I called 
on Mrs. Earls & Young who said he would get the 
Pianoforte done this week. I writ my Letter to the 
Esq', Went & heard S. Loddington's funeral 26 ps 
8 V. 


13. R. Swannel came for a few days because his Sis» 
could not go to Mrs. Leach & W" Palmer from 
London who is at Mrs. Hillyard's. Billy Soul & 
S. Nicholls came again. 

14. I went down and heard Mr. Redford at the lower 
meeting & called on Roby thorn who was ill with 
the meazles & stayed away. The text 1 1 Heb. 8 
V. And God is not ashamed to be called their God, 

I5« I writ to the Esq'', sent it by Worthy who Car** 
Mr. Johnson's 3 Letter-books. I car*^ home Rob- 
inson's Bible to Mr. W" Raban ; rec*^ i'- Called 
on I Clark who, I heard, was in much danger but, 
praised be God 1 found him better. Paid Mrs. 
Griggs 5' for the neck of pork. I re** Maria's Qr 
7'' which is to begin to-day. 

1 6. For the last three Days much troubled with a sore 
mouth, but much relieved by taking a little Tartar. 
Mr. Sutcliff called. I shewed him the Letter I 
writ to Tomlin of Kettering about the Sheers. I 
did not go to church. 

17. My mouth still very troublesome & sore I tryed 
the honey & bole ammonia of Mrs. Cuthbertson 
which did me more good than anything else. I 
rec** a very sorrowful letter from the Esq' say*, in 
Ans'^ to the Contrite heartjf a promise were made 
to the nether mill-stone he would believe it.^ I 

1 In his letter to Teedon 16 May 1793 Cowper says "There is no text 
in Scripture less calculated to comfort me ttian that which promise 
(oi^fort to the brol^^Q Ueart,*' 





May. called on Bright Andrews. Hetty drank tea 1 days 
together. I gave her my tye watiT. 

,, l8, I writ to the Esq' in Ans'. / will turn the flinty 
Tock into a springing well & the Boy called for it 
when just done. The Lord give an especial Bles- 
sing. I went & found Mad" going to walk with 
Jir.Johnson & Sam^ I went likewise, drank tea 
with them. J. Higgins came in & Johnson & 
he went to walk. I asked Mad" for a Guinea, 
& luckily Mr. Cowpercami; in for she had none, 
who gave it to me in part of payment of the istof 

„ 19. I went to Church, & Polly & all of us at Church 
in the afternoon. Heard Mr, Kedford in the eve 
at the lower meet*. 

„ 20. Worthy & Polly took a walk. Cut off to-day it 
yds. Reed id* & payed for the Loin of Veal 5" 

,, 21. Lucy York & Nancy called in the Eve to invite 
us to see them. Polly & Worthy went to get 

,, 2a. I writ to the Esq" Mrs. Coleman came to speak 
about S. Coleman's Son coming to School. 

,1 23. I was taken ill with the Lumbago, but went to 
Church. Read the Botanic Garden. 

„ 24. Mrs. Banister & Sally drank tea. Polly Smith 
brought Polly a Ribband on her Sist* marriage. 

„ 25. Tompkins brought thf Shears only mended in the 
Handell. I went and drank tea tho' I had rec^ a 
Letter from the Esq', found Mad" very ill. I 
called at Miss Biggins', found Mrs. Humphrys & 
Chil- & Mrs. Bean & Child"- 

1 Probably a mistake lor Ttagopogon (Goat's Beard), 

^2 TltSDON^S DIAkY. 


May 36. I writ a Letter this morn. Polly car* it after 
Dinner. I went with her to the white gate of Hill- 
field, had the pleasure of finding Mad"* better. 
Reached church both of us while they were sing- 
ing. At the Meeting nearest to us. 

,, 37. Mrs. Nicholls called about the Bible for James. I 
fetched 3 which did not do from Abrahams. Sam* 
Roberts informed us of Johnson's going. I dis- 
covered my ignorance of it. I went to Mr. Bean's. 
We drank tea with Molly Banister. W"* Coleman 
of Emberton, & James Willson of London came 
to School. 

„ 38. Mr. Scott came to-day to [the] Town. 

„ 39. At Mr. Sutcliff's meet** 


30. Mr. Scott called on us, preached from He that 
has begun the good work will fulfil it till the day of 
Christ, 6fc, 

t, 31. I rec** a very sorrowful Letter from the Esq' whose 
import was to deny all good whatsoever to proceed 
from my writ?, but everything opposite &c. & to 
forbid my writ^. I writ an Ans', but, I confess, 
in some fear. Young brought home the musical 
instrument say* he could not do it. 

June I. I went over to the Esq', found he had ordered 
Mad" not to forget my Quaterage. I represented 
to her my thoughts of the Esq''" Letter. She told 
him I understood it so. He said it was the an- 
guish of his mind, but he durst not forbid my 
writ*. I rec*^ of my Qr w*" out any Dedudl". Went 
to see Mr. Scott at Mrs. Bean's. 

M a. Polly, Mammy & I rec** the H.S. of Mr. Scott. At 
Mr. Sutcliflf 's in the eve. 

ff 3t Mrs Coleman called & payed for W" Cooks & i 



June, week j' 4.^. To our surprise the wood came with 
out any notice at 5 of ilie clock. Had W. Kitch- 
ner & Jos GreRii to carry. Gave 6'' each. Mrs. 
Humphrys & Miss Higgin* called to see iis & went 
into the garden. 

,, 5. I went to Mr. Sutcliff 's meet", only a prayer meet^ 
He being outat the association. Heard Mr. Falk- 
ner of Thorn who was to assist at it was deprived 
of his understand*'" Mammy sprained her thumb 
in ringing the clothes, or put it out. which 
occasioned much pain & sorrow. 

,, 6. Pulled down the grate to burn wood only, Sentmy 
letter Yesterday to the Esq . Writ for Gold to 
London. Wrote for leather. Mrs. Swannel called 
& said Bill was so unmannerly that he would nev- 
er be fit for a board' school. My Cousin said her 
Jacky was so fit he had more than was want"" Pol- 
ly car^ a cheese to Weston. Mr. Scott preached 
from Ail Ihese things are againsi me. A very thin 

,, 7. I heard to-day Young was ill with the small pox at 
Lord's at Weston. Polly payed for the Sope. Mr. 
Timmings sent apricots to make a pye. 

,, 8. 1 writ to the Esq' this morn & rec^ a Note from 
him of better Import than any of late, being free 
from trouble tho' no comfort. 1 went to see |os 
Brook & prayed by him & hope he is going to 
Glory. Drank tea. Mr, Higgins sent us 5 fish 

,, 9, All of us at church to hear Mr. Scott from 

[ ].' In afternoon from ^^at 16 v 26. 

In the eve I went to hear Mr. Sutcliff, & was com- 
forted from TTic Lord's Arm is not Shortened. 

„ 10. The Man of Stoke called about Scott's Bible & 
1 Gap left. 

4 TEEDON^S DiAfelr. 


June said Mr. Scott would give a new title Page &c & 
would call. I had my Shoes sparrow-billed. 








II. I went to Mr. Hillyard's meets* 

13. Mr. Higgins Jun' called at the beck of my cousin 
She told him how ill her wrist & thumb was. He 
wrote a Note for her to fetch verjuice from their 
house. Polly went for it. Mammy accompanied 
as far as Hill -field. They went afterwards & payed 
Mr. Griggs 2' 3** 

13. Rec** a present of fish from Mr. Higgins. I went 
& heard Mr. Scott from 1 2 Lu. who rode, he told 
us, 46 miles to be treated with Contempt. He ex- 
pedled a small congregation, but not so small as 
he found,& that he thought,for the negledl of the 
Gospel, the Lord would take it away &c. My cou- 
sin went w*" a Cheese to Weston. Mrs. Robinson's 
Son killed by a muck fork being run in his temples 
by the man at [the] muck Cart. 

14. Carried some meat & bread to Drage's Child". 
The mother said she had no money to buy or any 
provisions in the house for their supper. W" Ban- 
nister stayed away on Ace* of mow^* 

15. Mr. Scott called. I wrote a memorandum of the 
Enquiry for inks to stain the Leather. I had a 
note from the Esq' inform* me he had Company 
&c. I writ again & did not go up. Called on Har- 
ris's. Set the senna Slips. 

16. Mr. Scott preached from Thd heaven df earth pass 
away yet &hall not my word pqss away & in the 
afternoon John i Ep. i c 3 & 4 v. All of us at 
church in the afternoon. 

ly. I writ to the Esq'. ^ Polly & Worthy went to fetch 
Eggs from York's, & they said they would sepd 

tebdon's diary. 65 

June. Polly again to sew. Delivered the Misses' writ' 
piece books to Miss Cran,Miss Pell, Miss Marshall- 

„ 18. I went to hear Mr. Hillyard on Christ Ike Corner 
Slone. I broke up the Miss's School to-day. Car^ 
Miss Dowley's bill which I had delivered & was 
payed for last Christinas because they were not 
payed to Mr. Sample. 

,, 19. I writ to the Esq' but no opportunity of send' it. 

,, 33. I went & drank tea with the Esq' &c. Brought 
Hayley's tool & Spence 

II 33- I went to Mr. Bean who come from London last 
night to know if there would be Service, because 
the sermon bell did not ring &c. Waldich was 
clerk to-day. 

,, 34 Han'' came in very wet from a heavy shower. 
Warmed dryed &c and not so much as returned 
a thank. Sent my Letter by the boy to the Esq'. 
Bought & payed Mrs. Grigg[s] 1' z'' for Pork. 

,, 27. I writ again for Leather & Gold find^ no ground 
to expect them from the former orders. I went to 
Church & heard Mr. Robinson from 143 Ps 4 v 
Quicken me O Lord for thy name's sake. No Notice 
was given till he came & therefore a small Con- 
gregation. I sent to the Esq'. 

,, 39. This day Han'' called & drank tea, wait' for Mr. 
Hurst who went with her home. I had been be- 
fore to Weston. Saw Mad". Mr. C[owper] was 
out walk*. She told me of Mr. Johnson's presenta- 
tion to a living of 400 a year to hold it for a minor 
14 years. Mr. J. was privately ordained by the 
' Xeedon rtyles every young Udy at Mrs. Sample's School " Hbi." 



June. Bp of Norwich to enter on the living in Odlober 
next. She gave Polly & Mammy each a Ribband 
Mr. Timings & 2 child" called. 

,, 30. All of us at Church in the afternoon. Worthy, 
Polly & Mammy went to see Bet Stow. Mammy 
had a fall in coms home. I went not about in the 
Eve but writ my Letter to the Esq'* 

July I. Mrs. Orsbom called about her Son to put him [to] 
school, who is to come next Monday. Han** cal- 
led & talked about Cheese going to Mr. Hurst &c, 
but my cousin did not send it. 

,, a. Polly & Mammy drank tea with Mrs. Sharman. 
Polly Smith's sister called when they were out to 
see us who had been to see her sis" 

ff 3. I writ to the Esq'' He sent me a long & sorrowful 
Note written yesterday, but no light nor hope &c. 

,, 4, I went to Church at the Ledlure. Pd R. 26* 6* for 
Gold 7« 6«» & Leather ig- Rec*^ it to-day. 

,, 5. Han* called to know if there was anything. We 
recove[re]d the Almanac which was taken away by 
Mr. Nicholls without his knowing when he came 
for a Levy.^ 

„ 6. I went to Weston. Found Mrs. U[nwin] very 
much affedled with the heat, & Homer's bust' was 
just set up. 

„ 7. I & Polly & Mammy went & rec** the H.S. Worthy 
very ill. I fetched a bottle of wine & paid 2* 2* 
for it. Mrs. Andrews & her 2 Grand Child" called 
upon us. 

^Church rate. 

' Presented to Cowper by his kinsman Tohnson* It is now in the 
Wilderness at Weston Underwood. 

teedon's DIART. 67 

July 8. Charles Orsbom came to School. 

,, 9 Miss Sophia Brighlman came in the evening School. 
I was disappointed in not send" my Letter, so I 
went with it. Found Mad™ alone & called on 
Mrs. Higgins & Miss. 

,, 10. Worthy & Polly removed all the wood from the 
Gold end, [the goal (or boundary) end ?] but poor 
Worthy took verj- ill afterwards so we did not get 
to bed till midnight. Mrs. Courtenay sent the 
Zines of the Poeis [to be bound]. 

,, II. I went to Church. Worthy very ill all Day but 

worse in the night up till midnight. Not betLter] 
till midnight. 

1, la. Worthy ill, but we hope better. 

„ 13. J. Handscomb brought his money to go to Hand- 
slope School. O Lord, enable me to rejoice in thee 
& thy all sufficiency ! I sent my Letter by Kitch[i]- 
ner to the Esq' & in the Eve rec* a Letter from him 
of the usual sorrowfiil import. 

,, 14. I & Mammy & Polly at Church in the morn, only 
myself in the afternoon on Ace' of the heat. 

„ 15. I sent my Letter to the Esq' in which I once more 
attempted to ans' it, bnt I fear it's labour in vain. 

„ 17. Paid Mr. Botterill for a bottle of wine & car^ the 
bottle home to him, eat a mazerion berry, which 
made me very ill & much terrified Polly &c. 

„ 18. I rec'' my money from Mrs. Morgan. Had a bot- 
tle of Gin which I paid for. 

„ 19, Mrs. Swannel here & said they would rather p' 
10;^ than Orsbom's boy should come. CaH home 
the magazines 3 vols. Rec'' 5' & agreed to fawssi 


68 TllDON^S DIAkT. 


July. a year's newse half bound for 4:6 & to Letter them. 

„ 20. I went & drank tea with the Esq' & Mad"* whos* 
she could stand alone. Mr- Sutcliff called to take 
leave. On Monday going into Yorkshire. 

„ ai. I & Polly & Mammy at Church & all alarmed by 
Kitty Perkins being in a fit, & Worthy likewise in 
the afternoon. At Mr. SutclifF's meet* in the eve 
Thou shall see Ihe King in his beauly, being a funeral 

„ aa. At Mrs. Sample's again. Miss Abraham, Cran & 
Davis. She said if I brought the bill she would 
pay me all the 3 Misses due, viz Marshall, Pell & 
Dowley. Sent to the Esq'* Petit called for the 
Bible belonging to the Sunday School of Raven- 
stone 2* 2^' 

tf 33. I rec*^ £2 OS 6d of Mrs. Sample. 

,9 24. At Mr. Sutcliff 's meet* of prayer. 

9, 35. I went to Church. I writ to Green for Stationery 

„ 27. I car** home the Bolantc Garden. Had 7* 6** 
Drank tea with Mad", Han*' & Sally Hodges. 

,, 38. I went to Mr. Sutcliff 's meet** Only prayers be- 
cause he was away. I went in the eve to Mr. Hill- 
yard's. T. Chater preached in Mr. Brightman's 
barn to a congregation it's said of 400. 

,, ap. I writ a Letter to W" Smith at the camp Valenien- 
ciennes. It goes in about 4 or 5 days if the wind 
be fair. Han** insisted on my iak^ i' for mak* her 
12 Crow-pens. Mr. Dumvile & Sally came to bring 
Miss King's Comp*"* 

If 30. I went to the lower meet* to hear Mr. Priestly of 

teedon's diary. 69 

July. Buckingham: He haltogethtr lovely. Worthy being 
ill, Mrs. Swannel here in a great fume from a mis- 
taken Message the girl car"* home. 

,, 31. I went to the prayer meet* at Mr. Sutcliff's. 

Aug;. I. I reckoned with Abrahams & Palmers & re^ from 
both only 4" : 6^ I went to Church. Had some 
peast; brought by Polly York. Mrs. Sample pro- 
posed my teaching Kitty. I would have done it, 
twice attempting, Kitty with loud cry* refused. 

,, 2. Mrs. Gardner buried this eve. I went & heard 
Mr. Fuller on The great harvest of the world from 
Matt. 13 c. V. +1. 7. 3, 

„ 3. I went & drank tea with Han" & Mad". Saw Sally 
Rogers who lives with Mr. Newton who goes to 
Town on Tuesday. I found [the] Countess of 
Spencer had made a present, Mad" said a great 
one to Mr. C[owper"|. 1 could find but only en- 
gravings, which Mr, C would not take 300 guiueas 
for, beingsolely engraven for the Odyssey for him- 

„ 4. I & Polly & Mammy rec'' the H.S. at Mr. Sutcliff's 
& heard a most dull preacher from Naseby. Writ 

„ 5. I rec" Jane's Moneys ■]'■ 

„ 6. Mr. Courtenay for binding Z>r./iJ^»j5«'jZi'pM 4 vols 
5' : 4^, & sent More's view[s] of Italy &c. I went 
very unwilling[Iy] to hear Mrs. Tilly, who made a 
very solid & pious discourse from 2 Zech 1 1 v- 

,, 7. I writ to the Esq'' 

„ 8. I went to Church. The Letter to the Esq' went 

70 tkxdon's dia&t. 


Au^. 10. Rec** a Letter from the Esq" of happier import 
than any I ever rec** on the whole. The Lord grant 
it may be his harbinger of deliverance! I called on 
Mrs. Gees, S. Roybythom being very ill with the 
putrid sore throat &c. 

„ II. The Lord be praised, we all of ns were at Church 
mom & noon. I went & heard Manning preach 
at Mr. Sutcliff 's meets* 

„ la. I writ to the Esq', & Han*" called with 3 others 
whom we did not know, but I had sent the Letter. 
Sent the Quarto Bible of Mrs. Abbott bound in calf 
by Mr. Willson who paid me 5. I writ to Whit- 
bread, desiring simply without mentioning any- 
thmg else, the return of the MS. Called on Sal- 
ly Royb)rthom who is very ill with a sore throat 

„ 14. Mr. Sutcliff called on us being just arrived from 
Yorkshire. I went & heard Mr. Hillyard Jnr. 
Mr. Higgins sent us a little jack. Called on Sally 
Robjrthom who I found something better. 

„ 15. I went to the Ledbire at Church. Mr. Hillyard 
preached at the lower meet* of which they sent 
me word. I writ to the Esq' to-day. 



1 6. Called on Sally & found her below Stairs & much 
better & so I found I Hillyard who has been very 
ill with the putrid fever. 

17. I went to the Esq' & drank tea with him. He 
showed me the defedls of the cutt« & press' of 
the book. Mr. NichoUs sent us 7 Pigeons. 

„ 18. I & Mammy & Polly being at Church, Worthy 
sent me a billet at Church inform* me Mr. Whit- 
bread had sent for me to come to the Barns, but 
I found it was Tompson by his Order. I & Polly 
irent on B^i^isfer's l^orse, ^ot there b^ 6 of th^ 

tebdom's diary. 71 


Aug. Clock, put up & was most kinJly rec'' by Bet Pur- 
ser &c, went to Tompson at the Bams, who told 
me Mr. W. ordered hirtj to pay me 1 Guineas ! I 
sent my Comp" & this did not settle the business. 
I must see him, & earnestly desired an interview 
w*' him, & if Mr, W. sent for me himself I would 
instantly attend. I gave 1' to F & W Teedon, 6' 
each to the boy and maid at Mr. Purser's. 

„ 19. I & Polly set out at 6, got hither by 9 of the 
clock, borrowing a Spur at the Fishes where we 
had a Glass of Gin. I writ to the Esq' as usual, 
givs a relation of my experience on my journey, 
all but the business at the bams. 

„ ao. I went & heard Mr. Hillyard from TTiereis a rivet 
which makes glad the City of our God, dfc. 

„ 31. I got Up at five to exercise myself with the tray. 
Poor Mammy took very ill before I had done. I 
fetched ^ pint of brandy & a bottle of wine in 
trust. She continued so ill, I was in much appre- 
hension, she was forced to go to bed after dinner 
but, praised be the Lord, grew better, I hope, 
before we went to bed. 

,, 32. My dear cousin very ill but I hope still mending. 
We saw Han'' go in a Chaise with Sam' & his wife 
to Bedford. I went to Church. 

,, 33. My Cousin, still, 1 hope, better. She put on a 
Blister & took some red bark, which I hope the 
Lord will bless. 

,, 34, My Cousin is better. I went &car'' Mr, Johnson's 
book & drank tea with the Esq. whom I found in 
the very depth & blackness of Despair. I payed 
Mr. Botterill for a bottle of wine and ^ a pint of 
Brandy z' S''. 

,, 35. I writ ray Letter to the Esq' & went over with it 



August, myself in the eve. 

„ a6. Coleman came again. My cousin went & took a 
walk for the air. My cousin I hope better. Went to 
Mr. Raban & spoke for two folio boards & told 
Mrs. Raban, who asked me how much she owed, 
that I accounted the Ace* even by the stool. 

,, 37. I went & heard Mr. Sutcliff. I writ to the Esq'* 
Had the boards brought for the folios. 

„ a8. I went to the Ledlure at Church & payed Mr. J. 
Raban for the boards. 

,, ap. I writ to the Esq' but before the Letter was sent I 
rec* from him a most sorrowful Note that he be- 
lieved himself on the verge of Madness &c. The 
Lord turn his Darkness into light! Mrs. Swannel 
& Mad" passing by, my cousin heard them speak 
disrespedtful &c, & she & Polly went to take a 
walk to be out of the way. I heard of Sally B['s] 
situation I with much concern. 

3f 30. J Randall came to see us & went home at 4 of the 
Clock. Mr. York brought Harvest Cheer but 
with the sad tydings of Polly's illness who, he 
said, could not live. I went to the Esqr*s, rec* my 
Q' with this bitterness, not to expeA it longer 
than Dec' i, because the Don' intimated he would 
send it if he could without diminution. 

5ept. I. I & Polly re* the holy S. Worthy very ill. I was 
much discomposed all day tho' the unkind intim- 
ation of Mad"** Yesterday heard Polly was very 
dangerous by Mr. Biggs. I writ as usual. 


a. Sent my Letter by T Humphry with the Letter. 
Polly paid Mr. Cuthbertson for sope 4* 6** Griggs 
for a Leg of Lamb 2" Heard late at night the 
poor Girl lay a dying. Afiss Powl[e]y amon^ 

tebdon's diart. 73 

Sept. the ladies for the first time after the Midsummer 

. Informed this morn of poor Polly's death. I went 
down to Mr. Hillyard's on the funeral of Neig* 
Cawley which was so protra<Sed I did not stay till 
the wiiole was ended. 

. All of us invited to Polly's burial. I writ to the 

. Worthy & Polly went to the hurial. Worthy hai] a 
Hatband, & Polly Gloves. 

. My Cousin went to Mr. Higgins' to pay for the 
wood, but they were all gone to Turvey, so drank 
tea with the Maids, but, com* home, met Mr. H 
& Miss, & payed him, who both behaved very 
courteously, wishing they had been at home &c. 

. I writ my Letter & went over with it myself & drank 
tea with tlie E.sq' & Mad"- Mr. Bean informed 
us from the pulpit he was going a long journey. 
I hear it is to Bath on Ace' of his Health. 

. J. Clark came again. Polly Smith brought some 
apples & drank tea. I found by Mrs. Sample they 
had sent for Mr. Inkersole, Miss Dowley's Uncle 
to fetch her away, they had learned by herself she 
was to go away at Christmas. S. Petit died of the 
putrid fever, took at the night of the harvest Cart 
in which he played on the fiddle last Friday night. 

o. Heard Mr. Sharman from There is joy in ike pre- 
sence of the Angeh of God over one Sinner that re- 
pentelh, &c. At Mr. Hillyard's meet*. I writ to 
the Esq'. 

74 teedon's diart. 

Sep. II. Heard Mr. Sharman at Mr. SutclifTs from Isa. 42 
When thou passest thro\ the waters ^ 6fc. 

„ 12. I writ to the Esq'. 

9f 13. I writ to the Esq', but afterwards rec** a sorrowful 
note from Esq'. 

,, 14. I went to see Jos. Brook who seemed to be better 
than when I saw him last. 

„ 15. All but Worthy at Church in the afternoon & Polly 
& I in the mom. Mr. Postlethwait preached. I 
writ my Letter & car*^ it over & drank tea. 

,, 1 6. I writ the attestation of S. Stow's age. 

„ 17. The two Nicholls came again. Bet Stow came 
home & met with no difficulty but all very agree- 

„ 18. I writ to the Esq' & sent the Review to him which 
he delivered by mistake for the Mag & he sent me 
the Mag. 

,t 19. I went to see G. Morgan who was ill of a sore 
throat &c, but I hope not dangerously. 

,, 20. Mr. Postlethwait called on me & I told him of my 
serving him &c, and that he did not use me well. 
He had nothing to say. 

M ai. Mr. Higgins Jun' called to see us, but would not 
come off the step, he being, he said, in such a 

,t aa. Mrs. Stow & James drank tea with us & recited 
all the particulars of the Journey. I went and 
heard Mr. Sliarman from Take away all iniquity, 
Hosea 12. 

^, a^, I w^nt aftd b^r4 Mr, Sh^nn^ for the test time 



Sept. from Adls 15 Fart yt well. I went to the Esq" 

,, 34. Polly & Worthy went to see Mr. York, I did not 
go to Mrs. Sample's, she going out to take a walk 
with the Children. She sent her Comp" infonn* 
me in the mom 

,, a6. I writ to the £sqr. 

,, 37. Mr. Sutcliff smoaked a pipe with us. 

„ 28. I went & drank tea with the Esq'. Mrs. Dumvile 
who had been lately at Bedford told us Han" 
could not bare staying at Bedford & had sent a 
Letter for the Esq'. I went to see Miss Higgins, 
but met her & Mr. Bean on the road. 

,, 39. Polly took very ill in the aftiirnoon at church & 
forced to come home. I fetched brandy which 
did much good. I car' my Letter for the Esq' to 
W. Kitchener. 

„ 30. Lucy & Ann York with Barbara Rose drank tea 
with us. I began my letter to W, but continuing 
it too long & refusing to give over, &c,, poor 
Mammy fell into fits to my sorrow, 

Oct. I. I went to Mr. Hardwick. Barlow's Traveller half- 
bound sheep gilt & lettered 6 folio, very thick, big 
enough for 2 vols. 

„ 3. I writ to the Esq' & caH the letter to Kitchiner. 

„ 3. I went & ca.nhe Knife to the Weston Clark, Smith, 
to be new pointed, & went to the Esq"'; drank z 
Glasses of porter & eat some tart. Was asked to 
drink tea but did not stay. The Esq' told me of 
the anecdote of Beresford's Virgil, who tho' he 
had reflet^ed on him had besought him to correiS 
it, which he refused. 



Octr. 4* Heard Mr. Fuller. Isa. 40 c All flesh is grass &c. 

,, 5. I & Polly went to Mrs. Swannell, drank tea with her, 
met poor Abrahams the Gard' & gave him i** 

,, 6. I & Polly rec** the H. S. I did not go in the after- 
noon to Church, a sermon being made & coUedl- 
ion for the S. S. Worthy very ill. I writ my let- 
ter. Heard Mr. Fuller from Mai. 3 c Then shall 
they return &c. 

,, 7. Mr. Hancock come & took home 3 vols of Scotf s 

9, 13. I went and drank tea at the Esqr's & re* my Let- 
ter in the Kitchen, for they had not sent it. I 
drank tea with Mr. Johnson who came the day 
before. The new Shears came this eve. 

99 13/ No service at Church this mom, it being at 
Weston. I went to Mr. Sutcliff's in the morn. 
In the afternoon T. Raban discovered his mind to 
be disturbed &c. I went again to the meeting in 
the Eve. 

99 14. I had no Opportunity of send? my Letter, so de- 
ferred it to Kitchiner's Care tomorrow. 

„ 17. Writ to the Esq'- At Mr. Sutcliflf's meet** Rec* 7/- 
for Miss King of Mrs. Sculthrop. 

99 19. Polly & Worthy went to see Mrs. York & brought 
home a Duck. I reckoned with Mrs. Morgan who 
would have docked me i/- for G['s] illness, but I 
would not submit. I car** to Tompkins the old 
Shears &, call* on Mrs. Andrews, found she had a 
bad fall ifrom the Chaise & cut her face. 


ao« I writ my Letter & car* it to Kitchiner but he had 
finished they walk,and did not goover,and informed 
pie Mr. Hayle^ & Soi^ w^ expedted to-da^. Mr. 

tskdon's diary. t) 

October. Rose is there. 1 went to Mr. SutdifTs. 

„ ai T. Soul came to school. Lucy, Ann & Chris 
came to drink tea &c. I sent my Letter by Ram' 
who came with Hayley's Boy, 1 called on Mrs. 
Andrews. Mrs. Keep spoke about her son com" 
to School. Worthy very ill & so exceed' bad with 
pain of his tooth we did know hardly what to do. 
I went to Putton's for a Leach. Cost }'■ 

,, 33. W. Keep came to-day & James Revis. Mary 
Abraham died. Worthy very ill. 

,, 33. I writ to the Esq'. 

„ 34. Worthy still iil. 

„ 35. I wentto Mrs. Sou! & rec'' i' for the spell' Book 
& rec'' an Ans' from the Esq' but no notice of torn* 
to see him. Mrs, Swannel here with her Maid & 
behaved very oddly. 

,, 36. I went down to Mrs. Soul & car'' the 2 Books to 
be covered, went to Brightman's & rec* ^1 . 2. o, 
who said I charged too high. 

„ 37, I went to Church alone the whole day on Ace' of 
Worthy's Illness which much distressed us, nor 
hardly knew how to treat his swelled Hand. 

„ a8. Mrs. Lovemore brought her Son to School. 

,, 29. I sent a Guinea by J. Stow to Mrs Soul which 
Tommy was playing with. She thanked me in a 
Note. Had a bushel of Apples z- 8'' from Mrs. 
Robinson's of Yardley. 

,, 31. Nancy Perry came to School in the eve. At 
Church, I sent my letter to the Esq" 

Nov. a. I went over to Mrs. Palmer, reC* 6' b" for Car' 

^8 tSlDON^S DiAkY. 


Novr. wh[o] she said, should come again. I called on 
Miss Higgins for some linen rags for Worthy's 
Hand, which we hope is now better. I then went 
to the Esqr's, drank tea with Mr. Hayley, who 
promised to befriend Worthy and bestow a tool 
or two on him &c. I came home with Mott, Miss 
Brightman's man. Neighbour Davis fell from the 
Ladder at R. Andrews' & much hurt. 

„ 3. Rec** the H. S. alone. Nelly Stow called on us & 
her Mother. Writ to the Esq'. 

,, 4. I Brook & T & R York came to School. I sent my 
Letter & began my Satyr [satire] w** vigour, but 
met with my domestic storms as an encourage- 

„ 5. I had 3 Swannels & T. Willson only. Worthy & I 
cleaved the residue of the wood. I went to Mr. 
Bean*s to inform him I had read the Ace* of the 
D[uke] of York's Vidlory & Capture of Menin. 
Mr. & Miss Higgins there. Mr. Bean gave me 
the Cork Socks, cost ^^' 

„ 6. I writ to the Esq'. 

„ 8. I reckoned with Mr. Abraham. 


9. I was very desirous of going to Weston, but tho' I 
dressed for it I was prevented by Mamm/s desire 
& the rest &c. 

,9 io« I went to Church in the mom but was taken very 
ill there just as the sermon was ended. Very ill 
at home but thro' mercy compleatly cured by 
Drinking freely of Brandy. Did not go out on 
that Ace* all the day follow*. 

,y II. Mr. J. Higgins came & kindly presented a 
Gluinea]. 2 Yorks & W"Nicholls came to School 
& R. Johnson. I had no opportunity of send* my 



Novr. Letter to the Esqr. Jacky Higgins presented me 
with a. Guinea. So good came out of my illness ! 

„ 12. S. Roberts called for the Letter & said Mr. Hay- 
ley was to go tomorrow. I heard Mr. Carver Jfe 
led them by the right way, loi Ps, 

„ 14. No Ledlure, Mr. B going to Bedford, 

,, 15. I writ yesterday & S. Roberts called, told me 
Ha[y'l!ey was gone on Wednesday & took my 
Letter & said His Mas' bid him tell me he would 
write to mo row. 

„ 16. I reC* the Letter. Had the Chimney swept. My 
poor Cousin had a most dre[a']dful fit in the Barn 
on my not corns in just then &c. 

,, 17. We were all at Church in the afternoon to hear 
Mr. Abbott of Bedford. 

„ 18. G. Raban. W" Wykes is to come to school. Mr, 
Hanna, tis said, tomorrow. I went & heard Mr, 
Emery on They are mine I have called them. Rec" 
Maria's school"' 

,, 19. W" Wykes came to-day. 

,, ai. Mr. H & Miss sent the Reviews & a green Coat 
for Worthy. The Lord bless them all, 

,, 33. My Cousin almost as bad as the former Saturday. 
I went to Weston to see my Lady,' but asked the 
Esq- & he thought it best to defer it till I came 
to drink tea. 

„ 34. Worthy & Mammy both very ill. I & Polly at 

' l-aA-j Hesketh. 

86 TiftDON^S DiUt¥. 


Nov. 35. Rich. Swanncll stayed away. I sent my Letter 
by Sam^ 

„ 26, I pay'd my Rent & 2* left unpaid for the Knives. 

„ 38. I went to Church to the Ledlure where Mr. Bean 
proposed the communicants to meet at 7 on every 
Friday before rec*. 

„ 39. I re* a Note from the Esq' of Milton being post- 
poned by the booksellers until the war was over 
on Acdl of the great expense, & he was now in 
the last Book of Homer & then begin his original 
com[mentary] & that my Remittance was ready. 

,, 30. Rec* my Qrs of Clark & Soul & went to W[eston] 
& rec** my Qr of Mad" & the Esq, & found Mrs. 
Perry there. Found my Gloves & called on the 

Dec I. All of us received the H. S. I went to Mr. Sut- 
cliff 's meet*. 

„ 4. I went & car* home 4 books bor* of Mr, Bean to 
see the tree bind*' Mr. B. Higgins there. 

„ 5. I writ to the Esq' & to Whitbread. 

„ 7. Mrs. Swannel sent the Child" with 10^* of fine Hog 
meat. We made them all drink tea, gave them 
a cake made then & sent the residue to Rich** 

,, 8. I did not go out to-day being ill with pains in my 
head face, &c. Mrs. Bean came in the eve to see 
me & told us of 2 very great lies [ ]^ 

„ 9. Sally Robythom came again. 

,, 10. I broke up School to-day at Mrs. Sample's, she 
giv* over intirely to-morrow for a month. 

^Three words crossed out. 



Dec. II. I did not, not indeed could not, send my Sun- 
day Letter till this afttnioon ! 

„ 12: Mr. Bean came to speak to me to come to teach 
his Soti writ^ at home, to begin after Christmas. 
I went to see Mrs Andrews. 

,, 15, I did not go to Church, but went to Weston & saw 
my Lady who presented me with a G[uinea]. I 
went to Mr. Sutcliff's. In my letter to the Esq' I 
lliis time requested him to use once evt-ry day the 
3 first petitions of the Lif & the last petition 
from thence to the end. The Lord givu his bles- 
sing to it. 

,, 16. Allpress Aston came to School. 

„ 18. I writ to the Esq'- 

,, 21. Broke up School to-day, set the Church boj'Sthe 
Colledl for Christmas day & to write the Ep[istle] 
& Gos[pel"l. I went to Mrs. Andrews & told her 
I gave nothing to the Sub[scription] for the Sold- 
iers in Germany &c, & drank some Gin & water. 
The meet' boys I set part of the 9 Chap of Isa. 

, 23. I went & car" my Letter to the Esq' in the morn 
& dined with Mr. & Miss Higgins who kindly of- 
fered to buy Worthy a press & to go as far as a 
Guinea, & asked me if Worthy could play on wire 
instruments. I answered he could if he had in- 

, 25. I went over with my Letter to theEsq'.who, in pur- 
suance of my advice, had been visited with a 
glimpse of the Divine presence. Praised be the 
name of the Lord. I desired the Esq' to mention 
to Mr. Hayley to enquire the price of a press. He 
s^ he would. 

St tbsdon's diary. 


Dec. 39. We were all at Church. 
tf 30. I went to teach Mas' Bean at one of the clock. 
,, 31. Thomas Creamer came to School. 


Ghrislifave meii ineipiis. 
Jon. I. I being very hoarse I did not go to Church. Text 
1 Sa 40 V to the end. Mrs Bean presented mo 
with i of a lb of tea, a Glass of wine & a plate of 
Apples ; Bet Stow with tea & curran[t]s. 

,, 3. I rec^ a sorrowful Note from the Esq'. 

„ 4. Mrs. Osborn came & payed for Charles. 

i^he H.S.BetStow&James 

, 6. I went to Mr. Bean's as usual. Folly Smith called 

, 7. I went to Mr, Bean's & Jacky was gone out with 
his Sis' & was to dine with Mr. Higgins tomorrow. 

, 8. Sally Robythom said she was to come no more but 
go to Bedford. I went to meet^- But was quite 
composed tho' Maria Nicholls brought her sister's 
money & said she was to make up her Q' & she 
was to go to Daintry [DaventryJ. I writ to the 

, 9. I did not go to Mr. Bean because they were all at 
Weston. He finished the Ledtures on the [Heb- 
[rewsj. I sent my Letter to the Esq'- 

, 10. I re* a most sorrowful Note from the Esq. 

, II. I went over to Weston, saw the Esq' & Mad"" & 
went to Miss Higgins who told me she heard there 
was to be a wedding at my house, viz Polly St 
' The wedding did oot come off till IS A.^ t&cA. 

84 tbbdon's diary. 


Jan. 12. I alone at Church. Worthy ill with a swelling in 
his neck. Hancock called for his Books & went 
away in a rage. I at meet*, went to Mrs. Sample's 
to ask her if the Misses would be there. So I go 
to Mr. Bean's tomorrow. 




15. I went to Mr. SutcliflTs. 

17. Worthy very ill with a Cough. 

18. I went to the Esq' & found him deplorably bad, 
and told me he never was so bad & desired me to 
pray for his immediate help. Lady Hesketh spoke 
for a Letter Case. I went to W" Smith's & Mrs. 
Andrews'. Sam Roberts ill. 

,, ip. No Church this mom. Mr. Jones of Creaton 
preached at Weston in the morn. I & Polly there. 
Worthy very ill with a Cough. 

9, 21. Miss Higgins sent the reviews & desired Worthy 
to come over & mend the Spinnet. 


. I writ to the Esq'* Worthy went over & stayed 
[the] day, & rec** 2* 6^ & is to go again tomorrow. 

„ 33. He went to-day & stayed till 3 of the Clock. 

99 35. I went to Mrs. Brightman to rec* my Bill, but Mrs. 
B. said she would send it at Dinner time, which 
she did. 

,9 26. I went over to see the Esq' in the mom & Mrs. 
Unwin found him so exceeding low as hardly 
able to speak. I stayed an hour, came home, 
writ a Letter to him &c. At Mr. Sutcliflf's meet*' 

„ 37. I went to School, it proving a deep snow which 
came very suddenly. I had but 2 came which 1 
dismissed, & in the aftemoon I had but 6. Worthy 
SO ill with his Cough we were all alarmed. I 



Jan. went down lo Clark's bought an handkerchief 
I' 6'' for Mammy & 4 Ells of cloth for'niyself 14.' 
per Ell. 

„ 28. Worthy somthing better, praised be the Lord 1 
Had a doz, of Spell* books from Hamilton 7'' 

,, 39. Worthy took for his Cough Dyer's Cordial with 
benefit this night. 

„ 30. For the memorial of thy lovingkindness on this 
day will I praise thee, Lord, my God ! dur» the 
course of my whole life. 

,, 31. I could not send my Monday Letter till today 
when Sam' called & said Mr. Cowper was some- 
thing better but still very ill. 

Feb. I. I writ a Letter & Mr. Higgins sent some Apples 
& 4 pears. I sent it by the Boy who biought 
them to Mr. C[owper]. I praise thy name O Lord 
my God for all the mercies & deliverances here 
recorded. Amen & Amen. 

„ a. I rec' the H.S. alone. After dinner I went to see 
the Esq' & found, to my astonish', my Letter was 
not come to hand. Sam' had rec'' [it] he said, 
on being questioned, yesterday, but had forgot it. 
Exceeds ]ow I found the Esq' yet I thought it was 
a good sign he desired my prayers that he might 
not fall into the hands of God nor into the hands 
of Satan. 


Dona Dei. ;^ s d 

1 79 1 OA 23 Lady Hesketh i i o 

Dec' I Mad" 5 5 o 

1792 Jan^ 2 1 By Mr. Bean i i o 

March i By Mad" or Bank N[ote] 10 00 

une I do 500 

uly 6 By Mr. Newton 100 

! before the Journey to Eartham 7 10 o 

30 17 o 

1793 I will praise thy glorious name O Lord that I, being 
in the way, thou leadest me to the house, whither 
I would go. 

Feb^ 2 Miss Higgins o 10 6 

March 2 Mrs. Unwin 6 10 o 

May 1 8 of the Esq', which I bor», but 
on my receipt of the Quarterage 
he did not dedudl it but presented 
as his own gift i i o 

June I 6 10 o 

Aug* the 18 Mr. Tompson from Mr. 
W[hitbread1. My mountain in 
labour with a mouse. 220 

Sept' I* the Q' with the sorrowful 
hint of discontinuance next Q', 
which the Lord for his mercy's 
sake avert. 6 10 o 

Nov 1 1 Mr J. Higgins of his own 
mind & good mil — the good Lord 
bless him ! 100 

Dec I Re** my Q' without bad tid»* 610 o 
15 Lady Hesketh i i o 

31 14 6 


In order to read the last page the Diary has lo ht reversed. 
Teedon had evidently begun the Diary at this end, and after 
making a few entries had turned it round and started afresh at 
the other end. He filled up the gaps with odd entries. 

This page reads as follmvs : — 

O Christifave meis inceptis. 
Oct. 17. M. — W. Bedford came to School. I seat my 
Letter to Mad'". Polly Smith drank tea. Mr. 
Perry of Wollerston offered me W" Perry to board. 
I refused him. 

,,18. I told 

„ 19. Mr. Bean came about 10 of the clock to offer me 
the Schoolmaster's place to the Colony of Sierra 
Leon[e]. I did not give a direfl refusal, which 
occasioned a terrible confiidl at home. At + he 
came again to the School to read Mr. Thornton's 
Letters & Mr. Newton's. I gave a decided refusal 
on Acflofthe clime. At Mr. Sutcliff's meet'. 


Jan. 9. Miller No 14+ Cheapside Quill & Pen warehouse 

June 33. Mr Handcock, Butcher. Mr. Pre.sland Draper 
of Higham. The fee of Martha Lamb & Robert. 

July 3. I bought J a Quire of ap [cap.i. e., foolscap] paper 
of Mr. Abraham for 8 [8^1 sells it by the sheet for 

J- w-\ 


May 19. I had a strong impression on my mind of good 
to myself or the Esq' from this day ! To come in 
a year & 6 months from this time 19 of May 179]. 

€nd oT Cecdon'$ Dlarp. 



'795 J"^y Cowper left Weston. 
1796 Dec. 17 Mrs. Unwin died. 
1798 June 9 Teedon buried. 
1800 Apr. 25 Cowper died. 

1807 Dec 5 "Mammy** buried. 

1808 Apr 18 "Worthy'* & "Polly" married. 
1818 Nov 19 "Polly** buried. 

1828 Feb 24 " Worthy" buried. 

Qliver JRaUUfy Printer^ Cowfer Press ^ Ohuy,